The Knife: "Heartbeats" and its remixes

Reading the lastest issue of XLR8R over a hurried solo dinner tonight, I scanned the editor’s column that fawned over a recent single by The Knife of Sweden, who graced the cover in black, Salieri-in-Amadeus-masquerade-party-style raven masks. I did a quick google when I got back to the office and stumbled upon the YouTube video of “Heartbeats” (screenshot at top), and it immediately struck a note of recognition: a remix by the excellent Rex the Dog was on the Switch 7, Disc 1 compilation, that caught my ear previously. So here’s the video–a decidedly languid original (as compared to Rex’s version) that uses found footage of barefooted 60s-era California skateboarding kids slaloming down a hill (barefoot–ouch!), interspersed with rudimentarily-animated silouetted crows and a chugging choo-choo poofing out goofy … Read More

Modelling for Mudshark

Likely my favorite online clothing store, Mudshark Streetwear in Toronto, asked me to model one of their Kitchen Orange tops, called “Bangle”–I am just a huge fan of Kitchen Orange. It’s a sexy little white top with an open back, and I paired it with one of my MIDI Cuffs for the photo. Hilariously, when I was on tour with Detroit Underground, we were booked by the owner’s boyfriend and crashed at their pad after the show in Toronto, and I totally didn’t even know it was her. Small friggin’ world. She also wrote a very sweet review of my music in the description. Aww! [tag]fashion, modelling, kitchen orange, toronto, mudshark streetwear, quantazelle, detroit underground, futuristic, sexy[/tag]

Birdy Nam Nam – DMC World Champs

Pretty amazing. They’re four French DJs who’ve made a full albums worth of songs created entirely by turntablism. Check out their site and Myspace page.

God is a DJ video

This is an short video portraying God as a DJ who controls the outcome of a scene by mixing records. Kind of wish the music were less “cinematic” (it’s mainly an orchestral string-based composition turning into generic ad-house background music) and more dj-battle / breakdance / technical, but it’s fun anyway! read more | digg story [tag]dj, video, funny[/tag]

DJ Request Policy T-Shirt

So you’re at the cool trendy club on a Thursday mixing in the sweet new white label your pal the label owner just handed you, when suddenly there’s an incessant tapping on your left shoulder. You look up and it’s a post-sorority, club-hopping, fashion-clueless Trixie grinning excitedly. “Can you play (retarded over-marketed pop song) by (retarded over-marketed pop sensation)!?” she says to you in that half-question / half-command tone. All you need do is point to your shirt. Assuming you’ve moved the button to the second box and Ms. Requestor is literate, she’ll glance down, force a polite grin of disgust and breeze off in a huff. Good work! So a few hours later you find yourself at a grungily cool loft on the outskirts of town, the … Read More

Tony Hawk's Project 8 trailer released

[VIDEO] The graphics look pretty cool–althought the tricks are kind of ordinary in the trailer (although the only way I can do any of them is virtually. :-D). via techeblog via destructoid technorati tags:sony, video, games, skateboarding, tony_hawk, graphics, gaming Blogged with Flock

Messenger bag that gives you superpowers…

…or just makes it look that way! This cool army-green utility bag has a bright orange “High Voltage” warning strap, suggesting that passersby better think twice before invading your space. I’ve had one of these for about three months now and have gotten tons of comments on it. While it’s not big enough for a laptop (but apparently that’s in the works for the company)It’s a good size for the essentials, plus a big of extra room for goodies you pick up along the way. [via] | digg story

Buy the orginal cellphone–for way less than $3,995

Originally launched in 1983 by Motorola, the first cellphone had a huge pricetag and a waiting list of thousands who were impressed with the ability to be contacted by phone where ever they might be, ignited the wireless communications craze. You can get your own for about 50 USD at, Retrobrick, a UK-based company who warns, in small print, that “these phones use the analogue phone system and will no longer work in the UK. They may work in some areas of the USA but American networks are reluctant to implement new analogue subscriptions.” I’m thinking these need to be modded and replaced with some modern cellephone guts. Maybe we’ll see one soon from a Make-reading enthusiast [via] technorati tags:cellphone, retro, diy, mobile, phone, analog, vintage Blogged with … Read More