Charlotte the Pitbull: Third Place for Best Costume at Wicker Park’s Boo-palooza

Aka “Pitbull in a Tutu,” Charlotte won third place at Wicker Park’s Boo-palooza, and we took home a sweet gift basket of dog delishiousness. She then had a vet appointment and then amused many people over in Retailland (Logan and Elston strip mall), even while in traffic in the car. Hooray. Check out these photos of all the cool stuff that came in her gift basket. I got her when she was a puppy from Chicago Bully Breed Rescue, or CBBR as they call themselves, a rescue and fostering nonprofit.

Pursuitist features Liz McLean Knight's Zelle jewelry

Pursuitist did a nice feature on my Zelle 1337 line. We’re a bit taken with Liz McLean Knight’s Zelle Jewelry. It’s a mixture of all things beautiful, techie and geeky — and highly original. That integration between technology and fashion is truly an embodiment of Liz and her Zelle creations. The jewelry is hand crafted in Chicago — watch the vid above to see the wine intoxicating process Liz McLean Knight’s Zelle Jewelry

CDM:Happy Halloween: Exclusive Free Liz Revision Mix, Party in Chicago with Bitshifter

Happy Halloween: Exclusive Free Liz Revision Mix, Party in Chicago with Bitshifter Friend of the Site Liz McLean Knight aka Liz Revision aka Quantazelle of subVariant has put together a special, exclusive mix for CDM of 117-119 bpm musical goodness, excavated from the “_blippy” folder of sketches on her USB drive. Matt Moldover, who has been working on his CD-as-electronic-instrument album, lent his laptop. (Watch him assembling CDs in the video after the break.) It’s all in celebration of a Halloweeen party Saturday night in Chicago, headlined by Josh Davis (BitShifter). Party ringleader Liz joins Josh on behalf of subVariant to represent the IDM-glitch-minimal-tech-house side of things, and Mr. Automatic (Front 312) and Onefiftyone (Chicago Workshop) will be joining in. If you’re in Chicago, this looks like the … Read More

Secret image hidden in iGo flyer?

A few years back I modeled for iGo car sharing. If you’re not familiar, iGo is a non-profit car-sharing service, providing cars you rent on a half-hourly basis across the city. Gas & insurance is included, and there are lots of cars in the area. They were trying to let DJs and musicians know that cars are free from midnight until 6am, so it would be like there’s a DJ-discount, ha! Anyway, so the above photo is the original flier with a closeup of my head. Decent design, but then a few years later they decided to change the layout, as shown below. Why, you ask? I think I might have figured it out…

How to be a LOLkid

LOLkid. Also: Lawlkid. LOLkids are like Scene Kids except add 100 IQ points and subtract emo. (LOLkids=($humanIQ+100)-$emoFactor;). LOLkids heart the intertronz and nerdery and are all about zar lawlz. 1. Is ok to LOL at yrself. In other words, don’t take yourself too seriously. This involves having a formidable degree of self confidence and not taking things personally. However, don’t overdo it and proclaim how awesome you are at every opportunity (like tweeting about your awesomeness) since others will get tired of you quickly. I mean, look at this guy on 4chan. He rules. He actually put a shoe on his head. And everyone LOLd. This is the way to roll. [Frak I can’t find the jpg.] Nvrmd. 2. Noe flaemz. “No flames.” Reference #1: LOLkids don’t take … Read More

Tonight's party is the #1 Show to See Now / Cool feature on Liz & subVariant

New City did a great feature on the subVariant relaunch party with Insideout called "Spin Control: Coasting Once Again". It’s also the #1 "Show to See Now." From the article: In 2008, Liz’s Ramp Chicago had a successful run of monthly techno events in the basement of Debonair Social Club. She decided that resurrecting the subVariant label would provide more opportunities to produce events with an interactive twist. She says, “I did a lot of searching to find alternative venues…to get a bigger space that would bring in more people, in order to have the caliber of talent I’m interested in bringing.” For its label re-launch, subVariant will host Berlin-based producer and DJ InsideOut at Vision Nightclub. The NYC ex-pat and co-owner of minimal techno label Clink Recordings … Read More

"All you have to do is dance to save the world"–human powered nightclubs to reduce oil dependency

No, this isn’t some sort of hippie-dippy Earth Dance PLUR for peace movement that’s convinced it can save the world by hoping *really* hard… it’s a way to power a nightclub by harnessing the power of dancers. The nonprofit Club4Climate is behind the concept, with a fictional Dr. Earth as its spokesman who “wants you to be environmentally aware, but he sees no reason why environmental awareness and hedonism shouldn’t go hand in hand.” Fair enough. The dancefloor concept as illustrated above is pretty clever–something that healthclubs should consider implementing as well to keep down overhead and be affordable for more fat Americans people. But they don’t stop with the dancefloor: …No entry until you sign a pledge promising to work towards stopping climate change. Then free entry … Read More

Liz featured on the cover of the RedEye

PDF Version I’m featured on the cover of the Chicago Tribune’s RedEye today–it’s a free magazine for a feature about geek girls, and especially those in Chicago. “Geek Chic: New generation of women embracing inner geek” [via the RedEye] If dissassembling computers is geeky and making jewelry is girly, then Liz McLean Knight has found geek-girl nirvana. From her Wicker Park office, Knight, 30, runs a line of accessories make from computer components and sells the “fashionably-geek hipster gear” on a Web site she created, There you’ll find necklaces made from capacitors. Handbags made of diskettes. Cufflinks made from microcontrollers. Woot! Those wrist cuffs made of MIDI cable are super neat!