Interview with Craig Anderton on the Moog foundation and his Moog pack for Cakewalk’s Rapture

Craig Anderton created The Minimoog Tribute, an affordable expansion pack for Cakewalk’s Rapture and Rapture LE synths that “covers” the classic sounds rather than duplicates them, using his personal Minimoog. I interviewed him for CDM at NAMM and discovered that a portion of the proceeds from sales of The Minimoog Tribute go towards the Moog Foundation, a charitable organization devoted to preserving the personal archive of Bob Moog. It’s not just a collection of personal effects, it serves as a veritable archive of the history of electronic music itself and deserves to make it through time for future generations to explore and peruse. Read more: Craig Anderton’s Tribute to Moog: Rapture Presets, and a Call to Save History

Liz McLean Knight on Gearwire's Crosstalk: Best and worst of NAMM '08

Gearwire’s Crosstalk returns from Los Angeles in its new audio podcast format. Bill Holland is joined by Owen O’Malley, and special guest Liz McLean Knight (Quantazelle,, Liz Revision). Meet Liz and hear the Crosstalk picks for the best and worst things at Winter NAMM 2008. My voice has a bit of unintentional distortion since I’ve been fighting this trendy virus thing that seems to be making the rounds (not this Virus–I’d gladly accept one of those). And I escaped with only one nerdy dork snort at a joke about the intertubes. I was stuffy.. yeah that’s it. Crosstalk 38: Bashing Something That Deserves It — Guitar Hero