[Sat. 5.28.16] Intelligent Dance Party 007 ft. NEYBUU, BLEIE, Leon Bison, Amplituhedron & Liz Revision at Underground SF

The seventh event in the San Francisco-based Intelligent Dance Party features a mix of live experimental and IDM performances progressing later into more dancefloor-oriented sets. On Saturday, May 28, 2016 NEYBUU, BLEIE, Leon Bison, Amplituhedron and Liz Revision perform at Underground SF, 424 Haight St, San Francisco, California 94117, 9:30pm – 2:00am. $5 21+ NEYBUU BLEIE Leon Bison Amplituhedron Liz Revision NEYBUU LIVE [Portland] 🔊 Footwork, ghettotech, Indian instrumentation BLEIE (Unheard Records, 3AM Devices) LIVE [East Bay] 🔊 Ambient, techno, experimental Leon Bison LIVE [Oakland] 🔊 Beaty, droney, glitch-hop. Last performance before moving. Amplituhedron LIVE DEBUT (TechAngle, Dr. Rek + DJ Marco + Eli Be Loved) 🔊 Gourmet electronic music Liz Revision (subVariant, Quantazelle) [San Francisco] 🔊 Tech-house, minimal techno, glitch, chiptune NEYBUU, BLEIE, Leon Bison, Amplituhedron & Liz Revision UNDERGROUND … Read More

Avant_MUTEK Chicago April 21-23, 2011

Chicago gets a taste of the Montreal-based digital art and electronic music festival that showcases innovation in music and creativity on April 21-23 with Avant_Mutek: Chicago. Founded in 2000, Mutek is an international festival organization dedicated to the promotion of electronic music and the digital arts. Its main event is an annual five-day event in Montreal, Canada that takes place in late May and early June. Many of electronic music’s most established figures have performed, as well as numerous new artists who have gone on to build sustainable careers. Along with performances, the festival also features workshops relating to gear and software showcases, and panel discussions concerning the issues that face electronic music and music production. Read more and see the full lineup.

[4.10.11] Crowdsourced 1.0: dreamlogicc, Protman, Roth Mobot, Polyfuse

What really makes a music scene? You know–those certain reasons that make you put on a jacket and promptly head for the El or call a cab just to get there in time. That’s what Chicago Innovative Electronic Music (CIEM) and subVariant are asking via their Crowdsourced 1.0 event: What is it about electronic music that people want to see live? It really is a heady question. But, CIEM & subVariant‘s preliminary answer seems to be: "That which is "crowdsourced." To the unfamiliar, "crowdsourced" means that the content that is the most popular "rises to the top" via votes–as in, the crowd chooses what’s the most relevant. On Digg.com (a popular news and entertainment aggregator) the front page is filled with only the content that has been voted up through "diggs." Threadless is also a good example: only the designs that are … Read More

Moldover LIVE & Liz Revision this Saturday. FREE

Check out this free performance of Moldover at Risque this Saturday! Known to 400,000 YouTube viewers as “The Godfather of Controllerism”, MOLDOVER has become the inspiration for a new generation of musicians interested in moving “beyond the decks.” Feb 18th, Chicago’s Ableton user group will feature Moldover for a special edition user group session. Famous for building, hacking, and playing controllers with virtuosic skill, Moldover’s dynamic performances with his custom instruments are bringing new life into electronic music. Fusing hard rock with electronica, glitch edits, and frantic drum beats, Moldover’s signature style defies categorization. And with appearances on national television, coverage in major music publications, and countless live shows around the world, Moldover is in constant demand by people interested in this next evolution of music. Moldover 9pm … Read More

PowerWheels Grand Prix, Logan Square

Were you one of those kids who had a next door neighbor who had that sweet corvette PowerWheel and were too woefully poor to have one yourself? We were those kids, and we decided to do something about it….20 years later. We decided to modify and race PowerWheels, We do it for the glory, for the daring dreamy dream of that tasty elixir known as childhood that we’ll never have again cause we have day jobs and don’t weigh 70 pounds anymore. (Fatty) We also want to play Mario Kart in real life without all those pesky pixels. The PowerWheel Racing Series (PPPWRS) presents to the world an event for the ages. On August 15th 6 teams will gather to win the prized PowerWheel Cup an award so … Read More

[6.13.09] GEEK PROM ft. a DJ set by Liz Revision. LOLz will be had

Geeks, nerds, dorks — chances are, you didn’t attend your high school prom. During college, you were so focused on your engineering/math/science degree that other humans barely registered within your domain space. This is your chance to rectify your oversight without yielding to irrational forces of social pressure, and perhaps enrich your symbolic-semantic internodal linkages, as well! (okay, that was actually gibberish) Come to the GEEK PROM. There will be music, dancing, and some sort of contest based on physical appearance, but we promise that it won’t be excruciating or embarassing! Local tinkerers will bring their latest DIY and hacked gadgets — stuff that you WISH you had made for your High School Science Fair. To attend this fundraiser (see Meta) follow this simple instruction set: » Obtain … Read More

Moment 16: Locally grown sound

If you’re in Chicago and decided to sit out on Saturday’s events due to the snow / ice storm, come out to Subterranean listen to music by local electronic musicians and check out live visuals on the walls. Featuring Quantazelle (Liz Revision), Coyote DG, Drmlgcc, Garo, Lokua. Live Video by: Glen Stephani, The Machinist, Mason Dixon. Oh, and it’s FREE! Subterranean. 2011 North Ave., Chicago IL 60647. 21+ event. http://momentsound.com/

Get yourself a musical robotic exoskeleton

Here’s an interesting art / performance project byMaywa Denki. Based on the simple remotely-triggered servo action of “knockers” (not in the sleezy sense)–which are direct percussive controllers that can be used to pound on various things including boxes, pipes, and guitar strings. In the above video, these knocker modules are employed to make a switch-based drum-machine-like instrument that you assign a sequence of remote knockers to, and then control the playback speed manually with a crank. It has the surreal effect of being a very nerdy guitar, with the thrashing accomplished via said crank. Seeing as performative elements are key in this particular project, the “Wings” project shown about a bit past half way is more showy than useful, with the musician sporting spreading mechanical “wings” with knocker … Read More

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