“Demoscene: The Art of Algorythms”

Demos came about as a sort of “visual graffiti” that preceded video games that had been cracked (had their DRM removed) by a team or person who wanted to visually show off their artistic side as well as their technical prowess. In the early days, computing capabilities and space were severely limited and that required a certain finesse to create something amazing using very limited means. That meant that the music and animations created in this format required creativity as well as algorithmic magic, and physical parties sprung up way before the internet as a way to share files and knowledge and to compete and inspire each other. Demoscene: The Art of the Algorithm is a well-crafted documentary that narrates the history of the demoscene and demoparties, and … Read More

"Frequencity" a free electronic music compilation featuring Chicago-based musicians

I curated a Chicago-artists-only compilation of innovative electronic music for my label, subVariant called “Frequencity. Read more about it and download it here. I’ve also contributed a track as Quantazelle. Enjoy! TRACKLIST:01. Beanbake: “A Bicycle In Your Mind” [Melodic Electronica] 02. Belmont and Clark: “Dark Compression” [Analogue Electro] 03. Ella Laurence: “aaaAH” [Acid] 04. [esc]APE: “Square Fingers” [Dark Electro] 05. Polyfuse: “Blood on the Urinal” [Electro Industrial] 06. Foe Paw: “Dos Otros” [Prog Rock] 07. XYZR_KX: “Home” [Folk IDM] 08. Mike Gonsior: “Reflections” [Downtempo Electronica] 09. Quantazelle: “Polychromatic Tomatoes” [Melodic Electronica] 10. Lokua: “Hue” [Minimal Techno] 11. Drasla: “Moonlight Somnambula” [Neo-Classical IDM] 12. Elock: “Ari on Acid” [Chiptune]

Cindy Sherman's photograph is now the most expensive photo ever. And I did an homage to it.

Like Ms. Sherman, my creative process involves being alone, thinking, devising, mentally-sketching, tweaking, re-tweaking, re-thinking; sharing for feedback, and then re-tweaking some more. It’s emblematic of the contemporary, technology-enabled artist, in a way. Creative types have so many resources available: so many mediums to muck around in, so many visual sandboxes (like Adobe CSx–Photoshop, Illustrator, Premier); audio playgrounds (like Reaktor, Ableton, FL Studio) and platforms for interdisciplinary / cross-medium work (like Max/MSP, etc). … When I applied to art colleges, I was so disheartened by the rampant insistence that I choose a medium. I didn’t like the feeling of being forced to create within an established “language” (medium) that could be critically evaluated (by critics who specialized in media). Then I found California Institute of the Arts, was … Read More

New T-Shirt for Quantazelle

I designed a new t-shirt featuring a collage of a bunch of stuff I’m into. Check it out: Quantazelle T-Shirt 2010 (Men + Women’s).

Some news from my Quantazelle project

Here’s some news from my Quantazelle production product. I’ve got two new tracks to share with you, “Quantum Gazele”and a cover ofBeyonce’s”Halo” .I’ve also released a bunch of my samples as a free download, and I’m holding a remix contest with prizes. I hope you download it and play around with the weird sounds I’ve made, and I look forward to hearing what you’ve made. And if you’ve been link-clicking you might have noticed I have a new website.I’ve also got some posters and t-shirts for sale if you want to go check them out. Thanks for your support! Enjoy, Liz

Nudge Remix Wars between Quantazelle (me), Phylum Sinter and Praveen

So after posting my article on Nudge on Facebook, I ended up creating a little “remix war” with two of my friends, Praveen Sharma & Chris Todd (Phylum Sinter). So here’s my first attempt: Phylum Sinter: “One for You” …that I remixed: Phylum Sinter: “One for You (Quantazelle Remix)” Praveen then did his own original track: Praveen: “Here’s Mine” …that Phylum Sinter remixed: Praveen: “Here’s Mine (Phylum Sinter Remix)” That I remixed: Praveen: “Here’s Mine (Quantazelle’s Remix of Phylum Sinter’s Remix)” …which Praveen remixed himself for the crazily long title” Praveen: “Here’s Mine (Praveen’s Remix of Quantazelle’s Remix of Phylum Sinter’s Remix)”

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