[SAT Jun. 20] Artificial Intelligence 1: Excepion AM Release Party FREE

Hangovers are the annoying, productivity-inhibiting result of a night spent drinking quite a bit, and yet we still put up with them because it’s fun to loosen up, be social, and dance. Sure, it’s easy to pop some aspirin, rehydrate and muddle through the morning, but wouldn’t it be cool if music could relieve your hangover? That’s the concept behind Exception AM, a free digital compilation from subVariant that aims to present a collection of electronic music to help you feel better in the morning after a night of drinking. To celebrate the release on June 20, the release party will be held at Ai lounge in River North as the first in a series of concept parties called “Artificial Intelligence.” Liz Revision will mix the mostly-ambient and … Read More

Departure Mix

DOWNLOAD: Liz Revision: Departure Mix PATRICK ZIGON: “Floorkeeper” [Yellowtail] | DANDI & UGO, PIATTO: “Cicchetti” [Italobusiness] | KAISER SOUZAI: “Supercell” [Yellowtail] | SWOOSH: “Kaiserdisco” [Yellowtail] | SHIN: “Captain of the Flying Monkeys” [Yellowtail] | JICHAEL MACKSON; “Fluff in the Bellybutton” [Liebe Detail] | HOLGER ZILSKE: “The Bees” [Playhouse] | SWEET N CANDY: “Supa Noise” [Kassette Records] | ANDOMAT 3000: “Vertical Smile” [Cecile Records] | JEFF SAMUEL: “Lost” [Trapez] | TRENTMOLLER: “Miss You (Radio Edit)” [Audiomatique Records]

[FR 10.24] An Evening with Wolf + Lamb

Over the last four years there has been no single hotter underground party in New York City than The Marcy Hotel hosted by Wolf and Lamb. The duo, comprised of entrepreneurs and multi-talents Zev Eisemann and Gadi Mizrahi, have played host in their secret Brooklyn location to internationally renowned techno talent such as Dan Bell, Oliver Hacke, Zip, Sammy Dee and Derek Plaslaiko developing a reputation as the heart of NYC electronic music community, even catching the attention of the New York Times. Building on their party experiences and deep industry connections, Eisemann and Mizrahi have kept focused on the future, eventually concentrating less on event production and growing their oeuvre to include making music and releasing music on their WolfLambMusic MP3 label, that this year was expanded … Read More

[FR 9.26] Oliver Hacke

Oliver Hacke is one of Germans young techno producers who where not socialized by Detroit. His music is oriented on Europeans like Vogel and Isoleé rather than on the early Detroit masters. And if a young producer already hits the top 50 with his 5th release, it some kind of sensation. We are talking about ‘Polar’ released on Traum Schallplatten. In his productions he combines traditional with New School / Dsp Production techniques, always looking at the clubbers needs. So its not a surprise that he is being called ‘Wunderkind from Düsseldorf’. And all that even though he just started to get into music in 1998. His releases on Background, Traum and Trapez along with his ‘Vegetable Orchester Remix” release on Karmarouge, embed Olivers wide ranged production style … Read More

[TH 9.4] LAUNCH PAD: Emulsion

Bouncing from his native New York to Vancouver, San Francisco, and finally Chicago over the last 10 years, Emulsion’s Nathan Koch has watched the evolution of electronic music in North America from a number of vantage points. “It seems like in the last few years electronic music has really merged with indie culture, something I was wary of at first but I’m learning to embrace it.” This renewal of interest in melody and harmony prompted a sea change in Nathan’s listening habits, and reinvigorated him as a producer and songwriter. A year later, Emulsion’s new album Blue Sky Objective, full of pretty, emotive melodies and 8-bit beats, was released to critical acclaim on Chicago’s Lens Records. With recognition everywhere from Chicago’s own New City and Time Out to … Read More

Lee Curtiss Tracks

Growing up between the two poles of Chicago and Detroit organized Lee’s approach to production squarely between the grooving, deep house sounds of artists like Derrick Carter, and the mindfreaking work of techno producers such as Ricardo Villalobos, Zip (aka Dimbiman), Matthew Dear and Richie Hawtin. His music’s dark, sexy, and uncompromising singularity have earned him coveted performance slots at the 2007 DEMF and Mutek festivals, and he was recently named by Matthew Dear as one of they key figures of emerging talent in URB magazine’s next 100. Download a live set, Lee Curtiss Live at Wolf + Lamb 4/07

Blank Artists Podcast August 2008

Here’s a mix from Drew Pompa of Blank Artists. He’ll be performing with the rest of the BA crew on Thursday, August 21 in Chicago at Sura. Here’s the Going link and some more details. Drew Pompa – Blank Artists August 2008 Podcast: Tour Edition

[Ramp Chicago] Lee Curtiss, Liz Revision

The basement of Debonair Social Club on August 29th will get downright dirty with some hot, sweaty action from Detroit’s bad boy of techno, Lee Curtiss. The producer who once famously described his approach to making music as “fuck trends, fuck dance music and fuck me, ” promises yet another night of “face-melting mayhem” as he pushes his way through a DJ set filled with new tracks from a recent tour of Europe, and tantalizes with the prospect of hearing some of his yet-to-be released tracks from his forthcoming albums on Canada’s Dumb Unit label. Then of course there is his nice haircut, ways with the ladies and his “sexy, primal,” little-bit-backwoods kind of beats, all which add up to a party not to be missed. His previous … Read More

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