Charlotte the Pitbull: Third Place for Best Costume at Wicker Park’s Boo-palooza

Aka “Pitbull in a Tutu,” Charlotte won third place at Wicker Park’s Boo-palooza, and we took home a sweet gift basket of dog delishiousness. She then had a vet appointment and then amused many people over in Retailland (Logan and Elston strip mall), even while in traffic in the car. Hooray. Check out these photos of all the cool stuff that came in her gift basket. I got her when she was a puppy from Chicago Bully Breed Rescue, or CBBR as they call themselves, a rescue and fostering nonprofit.

"Outdated representations of African-American nerds are simply not cutting it anymore"

A coalition of African-American activists and scholars released a strongly worded statement Monday citing the “urgent need” for popular media to depict a new black nerd archetype that more accurately reflects the full spectrum of 21st-century American dorkdom. “Outdated representations of African-American nerds are simply not cutting it anymore,” the statement read in part. “Perhaps in the ’80s and ’90s it was possible for young people to identify with Steve Urkel’s hiked-up pants, nasal voice, and lovable catchphrase of ‘Did I do that?’ But today’s black nerds are different.” “They may not carry slide rules and calculators, but they do carry smartphones to make posts on Twitter, Facebook, and Foursquare,” the statement continued. “Yet where are the modern-day nerds of color in our films and television programs?” African-American … Read More introduces gender plots introduced a beta feature that can compare artists, genres and tags on a gender – age plot. Interesting. Here’s one that’s particularly interesting: Software, engineer, DJ, producer, and musician all skew male, while boyfriend, girl, email, outgoing, person, friends and love all skewed female. Thoughts? UPDATE: Here’s my plot compared among my friends.

Dance Dance Revolution Dance Pad Purse

My original dance pad broke, so I decided to cut it up to see what was inside. The top layer was actually pretty, so I thought it would make a cool purse. Literally. Hah! Check out the photos documenting how I made it.

Secret image hidden in iGo flyer?

A few years back I modeled for iGo car sharing. If you’re not familiar, iGo is a non-profit car-sharing service, providing cars you rent on a half-hourly basis across the city. Gas & insurance is included, and there are lots of cars in the area. They were trying to let DJs and musicians know that cars are free from midnight until 6am, so it would be like there’s a DJ-discount, ha! Anyway, so the above photo is the original flier with a closeup of my head. Decent design, but then a few years later they decided to change the layout, as shown below. Why, you ask? I think I might have figured it out…

PowerWheels Grand Prix, Logan Square

Were you one of those kids who had a next door neighbor who had that sweet corvette PowerWheel and were too woefully poor to have one yourself? We were those kids, and we decided to do something about it….20 years later. We decided to modify and race PowerWheels, We do it for the glory, for the daring dreamy dream of that tasty elixir known as childhood that we’ll never have again cause we have day jobs and don’t weigh 70 pounds anymore. (Fatty) We also want to play Mario Kart in real life without all those pesky pixels. The PowerWheel Racing Series (PPPWRS) presents to the world an event for the ages. On August 15th 6 teams will gather to win the prized PowerWheel Cup an award so … Read More

The Granular Synthesis of Curtis Roads

Watch Motherboard – The Granular Synthesis of Curtis Roads This is a pretty amazing video. Granular Synthesis I can wrap my head around (imagine a more complex version of additive synthesis, but on a micro-scale), but what really amazes me is Curtis Roads was doing it in 1975 on a mainframe with punchcards. You heard me. How much more nerdcred does this guy need? Ok, lemme back up for a minute. I am, actually, old enough to know what punchcards are (but, keep in mind I was like 5 years old and hanging out at my mom’s company to learn about them). Back in the day (and my intro to computer science teacher in college was amazing because he explained this to us and made us basically write … Read More

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