Messenger bag that gives you superpowers…

…or just makes it look that way! This cool army-green utility bag has a bright orange “High Voltage” warning strap, suggesting that passersby better think twice before invading your space.

I’ve had one of these for about three months now and have gotten tons of comments on it. While it’s not big enough for a laptop (but apparently that’s in the works for the company)It’s a good size for the essentials, plus a big of extra room for goodies you pick up along the way.

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Buy the orginal cellphone–for way less than $3,995

Originally launched in 1983 by Motorola, the first cellphone had a huge pricetag and a waiting list of thousands who were impressed with the ability to be contacted by phone where ever they might be, ignited the wireless communications craze. You can get your own for about 50 USD at, Retrobrick, a UK-based company who warns, in small print, that “these phones use the analogue phone system and will no longer work in the UK. They may work in some areas of the USA but American networks are reluctant to implement new analogue subscriptions.” I’m thinking these need to be modded and replaced with some modern cellephone guts. Maybe we’ll see one soon from a Make-reading enthusiast [via]

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Gameboy Music Rockstars Destroy Chicago

“The machines are small, the sound is gigantic, the scope is worldwide, the advance is unstoppable. Prepare your defenses.” That was the warning delivered to Chicagoans before 2 musicians armed only with Gameboys and a slew of high-energy, beat-heavy, unresistably-catchy chiptunes landed in the city. Includes pictures and links to videos and MP3s.

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Valentine's Day party @ Heaven Gallery 02/11/06

Heaven Gallery, Feb 13, 2006 at around 3am

This was the scene at around 3am at Heaven Gallery on February 12 during Logan Bay’s set. It was pretty wild in case it’s not obvious from the photo. First up was The Machinist, then Lord of the Yum Yum, followed by myself (as Quantazelle) and Logan Bay ended the night. The night and the gallery opening were reviewed on Mediatron.
Here’s my setlist:

  1. QUANTAZELLE: “Sewtend” Beets. Self released
  2. QUANTAZELLE: “Pedwards” Coaster. Subvariant.
  3. QUANTAZELLE: “Clue Minus You” Coaster. Subvariant.
  4. APHEX TWIN: “Windowlicker (Kriece Remix)” James Zabiela: Utilities. Various Artists - James Zabiela Utilities - Windowlicker
  5. HOMBRE OJO: “Manejando Un Carrito Rapidito Por Santiaguito” VA: Superlongevity 2. Perlon.
  6. PHEEK: “Le Plan B” VA: Minimize to Maximize. Minus.
  7. AUDION: “Rubber” Audion. Spectral.Audion - Suckfish - Rubber
  8. CLAUDE VON STROKE: “Deep Throat” Deep Throat. Dirtybird.
  9. LUSINE: “Sunset.” Inside Out. Ghostly International. Lusine - Inside / Out - EP - Sunset
  10. QUANTAZELLE: “Stereofoam (Funked Remix)” Unreleased
  11. QUANTAZELLE: “Daftliz-18” Unreleased

DJ Set at Rodan 11/28/2005

Here’s my laptop-dj setlist from Rodan:

  1. OCHRE: “Copacetia” Subvaritrax. Subvariant. Ochre - Subvaritrax - Copacetia
  2. QUANTAZELLE: “It’s Fizzbang” Coaster. Subvariant.[Buy Coaster] [Buy Coaster (Digital)]
  3. QUANTAZELLE: “Late Blazing Kinch Theme (LBKT Kicked Remix)” Unreleased.
  4. QUANTAZELLE: “Stereofoam (Funked Remix)” Unreleased.
  5. QUANTAZELLE: “Sewtend” Beets. Self released.
  6. QUANTAZELLE: “Clue Miinus You” Coaster. Subvariant.
  7. THE FLASHBULB: “God Sheds Snake Skin (Quantazelle Remix)” Unreleased.
  8. QUANTAZELLE: “Daftliz-18? Unreleased.
  9. QUANTAZELLE: “Snafro” Unreleased.
  10. QUANTAZELLE: “Vanity Knobs with Groove Grimace” Coaster. Subvariant.
  11. QUANTAZELLE: “Pedwards” Coaster. Subvariant.
  12. QUANTAZELLE: “03rston_5” Unreleased.
  13. QUANTAZELLE: “Braking (Megamix)” Unreleased.
  14. QUANTAZELLE: “Wineglass Chopstick Clinkrush” Coaster. Subvariant.
  15. QUANTAZELLE: “Sinking Projectile (Narmatt Kicked Remix)” Unreleased.
  16. QUANTAZELLE: “Ping Query” Coaster. Subvariant.
  17. QUANTAZELLE: “Pansy Beatmatch” Coaster. Subvariant.
  18. QUANTAZELLE: “cityng_4” Unreleased.

DJ Set at Subvaritrax Release Party @ Sonotheque 10/25/05

Here’s my DJ set for the Subvaritrax Release Party at Sonotheque:

  1. JOHN HUGHES: “Got Me Lost / Driving In la (Telefon Tel Aviv Remix)” Immediate Action. Hefty. John Hughes - Immediate Action - Got Me Lost / Driving In la (Telefon Tel Aviv Remix)
  2. LACKLUSTER: “Touches” Slice. U-Cover.
  3. SUBTRACTIVE LAD: “Fixing a Shadow” Giving Up the Ghost. N5MD.
  4. SUBTRACTIVE LAD: “The Natural Whirled” Giving Up the Ghost. N5MD.
  5. INFINITE SCALE: “Ghost” Sound Sensor. Toytronic.
  6. INFINITE SCALE: “Fade” Sound Sensor. Toytronic.
  7. INFINITE SCALE: “In Motion” Sound Sensor. Toytronic.
  8. INFINITE SCALE: “Pirkel” Sound Sensor. Toytronic.
  9. PHYLUM SINTER: “Monastic Phase” Subvaritrax. Subvariant. Phylum Sinter - Subvaritrax - Monastic Phase
  10. MARSHALL WATSON: “Fall without Change” Subvaritrax. Subvariant. Marshall Watson - Subvaritrax - Fall Without Change
  11. QUANTAZELLE: “Late Blazing Kinch Theme” Subvaritrax. Subvariant. Quantazelle - Subvaritrax - Late Blazing Kinch Theme
  12. R_GARCIA: “Honkeywrench” Subvaritrax. Subvariant. R_Garcia - Subvaritrax - Honkeywrench
  13. POPKAN: “Broken Lighter” Subvaritrax. Subvariant. Popkan - Subvaritrax - Broken Lighter
  14. KERO: “Shuf1” Kero - Subvaritrax - Shuf1
  15. DEREK MICHAEL: “Similak Jiggles” Subvaritrax. Subvariant. Derek Michael - Subvaritrax - Similak Jiggles
  16. QUANTAZELLE: “Braking (Hushed)” Subvaritrax. Subvariant. Quantazelle - Subvaritrax - Braking (Hushed)
  17. ZAINETICA: “Bytesize” Subvaritrax. Subvariant. Zainetica - Subvaritrax - Bytesize
  18. SENSE: “Gift” Zainetica - Subvaritrax - Bytesize
  19. TIM KOCH: “Minor Rendered” Tim Koch - Subvaritrax - Minor Rendered
  20. SET IN SAND: “A Echo of an Mistake” Set in Sand - Subvaritrax - A Echo of an Mistake
  21. EDIT: “Spare Spork” Edit - Subvaritrax - Spare Spork
  22. QUENCH: “Vegeta” Quench - Subvaritrax - Vegeta

Hello world!

Yep, this is my new blog. It’s based off of the “narnia” template, but I changed the color scheme and graphics to sort of a nerdy-Art-Nouveau theme. I made all the graphics in Illustrator. The header drawing contains 4 resistors, 1 diode, 5 capacitors and 1 varistor. The post images consist of 4 resistors and one light-emitting diode (LED). The small category icons on the right consist of 4 resistors and one capacitor.

The background image is made from a repeating pattern of fan guards.

More to come…

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