[Sat. 12.10.2016] IDHOFFP: Intelligent Dance Holiday Oakland Fire Fundraiser Party

Chris Tocalino
Night Sea (live)
Wake (live)
Liz Revision
Soft and Crispy
SAT 12.10.16 8:30PM @ Muka 320 Grove St, SF/ 21+

Like most who are part of the arts and music community in the bay area, we as experimental musicians and artists are at a loss. Friends, collaborators, family – our inspiration… are no longer with us.

Many of the confirmed came to and supported IDP. As hard as it is to get our shit together and to go forward with this event, we feel that it needs to be done– our friends who were lost would absolutely require it.

There will be no cover and we will be taking donations to support the families of the victims. You can also donate directly at the collection site setup by our awesome friends @ GrayArea.