“Sniffles, The Frost-Breathing Dragon” Paper Toy

Sniffles is basically an “albino” in the dragon community. Through a strange combination of recessive genes, he doesn’t breathe fire, he breathes frost, which means he chills whatever he breathes on. While he later learned that this was useful at house parties without enough fridge space for all the beer, when he was growing up he had to deal with constant ridicule, just like deer Rudolph. Talk about awkward! Needless to say, he quickly learned not to laugh in the face of people telling a joke (frostbite is super uncool). And another uncool side effect for his “power” is that he constantly has a runny nose. Think about it–if you breathe frost you’re going to get sniffly. Sniffles has gotten used to is, and so his trusty sidekick … Read More

"Let's go to Oktoberfest" chiptune song and music video

Here’s a cool chiptune + pixel art video featuring beer, the German language, robots, and snorkeling cows, snorkeling cows and a host of other surreal bits. This 8-bit trip to bavaria captures the spirit of retro video-games and our Gameboy plays authentic Oktoberfest drinking music 😉 The so-called ‘Wiesn’ in Munich is the biggest beer festival in the world and in this music-video you could join the CUBIES travelling there.

“Benoitbot” Benoit Mandelbrot Paper Toy

Benoit Mandelbrot spent his life explaining the complexity of nature by studying mathematical self-similar structures with infinitely repeating complexities, which he termed “fractals.” They were the key to explaining non-smooth objects, from mountain ranges and shorelines, to blood vessels and fluctuations in the stock market. His discovery went on to revolutionize technology, such as computer graphics and wide-spectrum antennae; and in medicine, such as in treating Parkinsons’s disease and advancements in antibiotics. Print, cut out and fold along the dotted lines to make your own cute robot version of our favorite chaos scientist. Benoitbot Paper Toy [PDF] Join our mailinglist for more cool free stuff!