Giorgio Moroder, remixed “From Here to Eternity”

Remixing is a complex subject to approach, I’ll give it that. There’s intellectual property, collaboration, sampling, and legal licensing on the technical side. Then you’ve got to deal with what “covering” a song really means in the long term. Originally the purpose of remixing was to tweak a song to appeal to different markets. It’s basically the same song, but with more elements to appeal to certain sub-groups. Like, “let’s add a steel lap guitar” to appeal the country market, but it’s still a pop song, but this time with steel lap guitar. I can’t find the videos to prove my point right now, but it was two different Kelly Clarkson songs that were distributed to different markets. Anyway. Back to remixing…so there’s this internal need on the … Read More

"Frequencity" a free electronic music compilation featuring Chicago-based musicians

I curated a Chicago-artists-only compilation of innovative electronic music for my label, subVariant called “Frequencity. Read more about it and download it here. I’ve also contributed a track as Quantazelle. Enjoy! TRACKLIST:01. Beanbake: “A Bicycle In Your Mind” [Melodic Electronica] 02. Belmont and Clark: “Dark Compression” [Analogue Electro] 03. Ella Laurence: “aaaAH” [Acid] 04. [esc]APE: “Square Fingers” [Dark Electro] 05. Polyfuse: “Blood on the Urinal” [Electro Industrial] 06. Foe Paw: “Dos Otros” [Prog Rock] 07. XYZR_KX: “Home” [Folk IDM] 08. Mike Gonsior: “Reflections” [Downtempo Electronica] 09. Quantazelle: “Polychromatic Tomatoes” [Melodic Electronica] 10. Lokua: “Hue” [Minimal Techno] 11. Drasla: “Moonlight Somnambula” [Neo-Classical IDM] 12. Elock: “Ari on Acid” [Chiptune]

[Wed. Nov 16] Frequencity Release Party

This is the release party for the latest free compilation on my label. Come out and listen to live PAs from five artists who are on the compilation. Chicago-based innovative electronic music label subVariant will release a free-to-download compliation called Frequencity featuring quality songs from Chicagoland musicians. Earlier this year subVariant released a public call for electronic music from area musicians, without restriction on the genre. In response, a dozen tracks were chosen that represented high quality perspectives on the medium from a talented group of musicians. On Wednesday, November 16, five of the artists will play at Darkroom (2210 W Chicago Ave Chicago): XYZR_KX, Belmont & Clark, Beanbake, Foe Paw, and [esc]APE. Facebook Event Page

Call for submissions to a Chicago electronic music compilation

subVariant is planning to release a free-to-download collection called Frequencity featuring quality songs from regional musicians. All electronic music genres are welcome. subVariant will also release an original t-shirt design in the theme of “Chicago Electronic Music” when the compilation is officially released. Ready to submit? Read more and do it now! The deadline for submissions is Thursday, June 2, 2011 at 8pm.

[9.25.09] RECOMMENDED: love disco style

This Friday! love disco style **dancing the nite away** ••••09.25.09 •••• @ Green Dolphin St. Main Room 2200 N. Ashland Ave. 10:30pm ’til 4am free b4 mid-night with rsvp – $10 after ***featuring all vinyl dance mixes by Cesario Magnifique*** & special guests