Circuit board rings, elegant necklaces, and cufflinks from Techcycled

Clockwise: Square Circuit Board Cufflinks in Blue, Jessie and Megan of Techcycled, Blue Square Circuit Board Necklace, Red Circuit Board Heart Necklace, Circuit Board Ring in green. Techcycled is a collective of women engineers who also make jewelry out of circuit boards. All of their pieces are packaged in jewelry boxes and come with a information card on their history. Pieces are $30-$55. Available at Fractalspin.

New site design and new products at Fractalspin

Two months ago I started moving Fractalspin over to a hosted ecommerce platform and since then have been migrating over products and creating the new site design. I’ve also added a bunch of new products, and even more stuff is on the way. Let mw know what you think! [Read More]

Zelle launches the 1337 collection of sophisticated jewelry made from electronic components

Check out some new jewelry pieces I’ve designed for Zelle. Zelle (, the elegantly minimal tech jewelry brand that has elevated electronic components into wearable works of art has expanded its vision to celebrate the inherent beauty of technology in its haute couture take on the art form with their 1337 collection. As the original line is restrained, keeping the focus on the components and their relationship to each other and avoiding the use of traditional precious metals to convey value and refinement, 1337 pieces highlight the elegance of the components and the design itself–remaining the purist’s first choice. Current 1337 designs are one of a kind, truly works of art, complete with a Certificate of Authenticity resembling the Microsoft’s Windows 95 Certificate of Authenticity. Zelle 1337 Collection … Read More

Geek Chic Men's Fashion FAILs and WINs

Here’s an article I wrote for the Fractalspin blog that’s a “DOs and DON’Ts” for men’s geek fashion: “Geek Chic Men’s Fashion Fails and Wins” [via Fractalspin’s blog] Among the fails: LED belt buckles that visually scream GEEK; god-awful so-called “utilikilts;” NES Controller belt buckles; LED / electroluminescent t-shirts that either interact with sound or announce the presence of a WiFi signal by blinking / lighting up; bad haircuts; doing it wrong Among the wins: G-Star’s men’s line featuring a futuristic Poindexter nod with their signature crazy-stich detailing; “nerd glasses;” intentionally-tousled hair and deliberately disheveled, dressed-down suit ensembles on Doctor Who’s Tenth Doctor (David Tennant); microcontroller cufflinks; J.Lindeberg; cool ties; Converse All-Star So what do you think? Did I nail the WINs wholeheartedly or come down too hard … Read More