DJ Set from the Demo Swap at Sonotheque [2/2]

Here’s the second half of the set I played at the Demo Swap–it’s mid-tempo. 7. Akufen: “Heaven Can Wait” 8. Phage and Daniel Dreier: “Plumber’s Workshop” 9. Autotune: “Dirty (Phage and Daniel Dreier Remix)” 10. SLG: “Rushhour” (Bulent Gurler Remix) 11. Jeff Samual: “Fire” 13. Ellen Allien: “Washing Machine is Speaking” [Thrills] Liz_Revision_DJ_Set-DemoSwap-7-17-07-02-190vbr.mp3

The LOLrus that kicked the bucket

Everyone’s favorite LOLrus who was overwrought with grief after having his favorite blue bucket stolen has passed away (in 2005 but we just figured it out). His real name was Minazo, and we are certain that he and his bucket have been reunited in seal heaven for eternity. We will miss you. Check out my collection of LOLrus-meme photos and remember him fondly. Turns out Merzbow dedicated an album to him: Minazo Vol. 1 and there might be some t-shirts floating around featuring him. Here’s a collection of large portrait shots of Minazo.

Gustavo Bravetti's custom interactive music controllers

Check out this interview I did with Gustavo Bravetti, an artist who is really pushing the envelope in terms of what can be done with live laptop performance. Specifically, he wrote a custom driver for Ableton Live that allows you to “nudge” the tempo in a way similar to DJing with records, created controllers to affect playback with a glove or a light, and rigged up an electronic drum kit to play back synth lines realtime. The stuff he’s doing is truly amazing. … Uraguay-based Gustavo Bravetti is a master of live laptop performance with alternative controllers. (See previous video of him from Colombia.) He talks to Liz (aka Quantazelle, a laptop virtuoso herself) about the scene on the other side of the Americas and how he’s able … Read More

Barbie says, "Math is hard"

In high school there were just as many girls as guys in my AP Biology and Organic Chemistry classes, but fewer hanging out and talking BBS smack at Computer Club. In college the Intro to Computer Science class was pretty balanced, but CS II showed the first signs of a noticeable gender imbalance, skewing toward guys having the majority. I’d go home after classes and log a few hours on Quake, and noticed that my opponents tended to be all men. Usenet newsgroups that focused on cryptography, open source computing, and similar subjects also seemed to have a higher number of male names than female. These days, I show up at electronic music workshops or poke around similar forums and am usually one of two or three other … Read More

Manual with Syntaks

OHM Multimedia Series Presents: Direct from Odense, Denmark, making his U.S. debut, Jonas Munk under the name Manual creates absolutely epic, lush electronic daydreams, as gorgeous as the sun-set and beach photos that adorn his album covers. After years of playing guitar and piano in various projects, he started to combine electronic with ‘analog’ instruments as Manual. He recently worked with Robin Guthrie (Cocteau Twins), and Ulrich Schnauss and is also a member of the band Limp, and acclaimed Danish free rock band Causa Sui. He composes music without using a computer, instead using guitars and pianos in combination with old-school synthesizers and sometimes samples to create well structured songs and sound scape-like compositions. He will play songs from his brand new double CD on Darla, Lost Days, … Read More

Interview with Liz Revision at Gearwire

Check out this interview I did with Bill Holland / Mr. Automatic over at GearWire. It’s half super-technical gear talk and half about live performance. If you read closely you’ll learn the secret source of some of my “crunchier” sounding samples. “Native Instruments Absynth, Kontakt, Yamaha PSR-85 And Quantazelle’s Live PA Rig“

Weird Wicker Park

With an Urban Outfitters and a Levi’s store recently moved in and cool-coffeehouse Filter moved out, the once artist-friendly Wicker Park might seem inevitably tipping towards the sanitized yuppification of its neighbor, Lincoln Park. However there are bits of offbeat weirdness to be experienced, from the screen print vendors who set up shop on the sidewalk (literally) to the bemusing Animal Collective-esque hippyish folk band that randomly sets up on the corner of North and Milwaukee, along with strange window displays and interesting grafiti. Here’s a bunch of photos I took of places and things in the neighborhood that are amusing and offbeat. My picks are after the jump and there’s a link at the end to the full collection.

Splashtone: Online booking for bands, DJs and musicians

You can get almost everything over the internet from videos to furniture, but booking a band for your next event is not quite as easy. Sure, you can try surfing through Myspace and Google, but wouldn’t it be cool if you could just type in your zipcode and select the genre you want, click on your choice, and pay them an advance online? Splashtone is a website in beta stage that aims to make booking a musical act as fast and simple as possible. It’s split in half by audience type, Event Planners or Musicians–and you register an account on either side. If you’re a musician you create a profile similar to the ones on Myspace and add PayPal info if you’re down with getting paid online.