Geek vs. Nerd Infographic

I pretty much agree with this, and I like that they use actual demographics statistics, especially in “self-identified geeks.”

"Bread Intruders"

Acrylic on canvas, bread ties. 18″ x 24″. 2010. Liz McLean Knight.

"Outdated representations of African-American nerds are simply not cutting it anymore"

A coalition of African-American activists and scholars released a strongly worded statement Monday citing the “urgent need” for popular media to depict a new black nerd archetype that more accurately reflects the full spectrum of 21st-century American dorkdom. “Outdated representations of African-American nerds are simply not cutting it anymore,” the statement read in part. “Perhaps in the ’80s and ’90s it was possible for young people to identify with Steve Urkel’s hiked-up pants, nasal voice, and lovable catchphrase of ‘Did I do that?’ But today’s black nerds are different.” “They may not carry slide rules and calculators, but they do carry smartphones to make posts on Twitter, Facebook, and Foursquare,” the statement continued. “Yet where are the modern-day nerds of color in our films and television programs?” African-American … Read More

Maddox ("I am Better Than Your Kids") critiques kids singing on YouTube. Hilarity ensues.

This is the first video from Maddox, the programmer-writer who gained internet notoriety by critiquing kid’s drawings as he saw fit, in a most amusing manner. The re-done Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme song set to the original video had me laughing so hard, I had to watch it twice. Nay, thrice. I personally don’t find videos of kids amusing or cute, either and have much the same internal reaction. Must be the robot in me. Or something.