“Geek and Gamer Girls”

It’s less about computer geekery and more about consumer geekery: video games, sci-fi and so on, but features a rapping Seth Green and cameos by Battlestar Galactica’s Katee Sackhoff (Starbuck) and Stan Lee.

“Demoscene: The Art of Algorythms”

Demos came about as a sort of “visual graffiti” that preceded video games that had been cracked (had their DRM removed) by a team or person who wanted to visually show off their artistic side as well as their technical prowess. In the early days, computing capabilities and space were severely limited and that required a certain finesse to create something amazing using very limited means. That meant that the music and animations created in this format required creativity as well as algorithmic magic, and physical parties sprung up way before the internet as a way to share files and knowledge and to compete and inspire each other. Demoscene: The Art of the Algorithm is a well-crafted documentary that narrates the history of the demoscene and demoparties, and … Read More

Last few days to fund RPG "Always / Never / Now"

It’s the last few days to fund a futuristic role playing game that I contributed one of my Quantazelle to the promotional video. Here’s part of what I wrote over on my Quantazelle site: “Always / Never / Now” is a storytelling game adventure that’s somewhere between James Bond and William Gibson in its action and intrigue. There’s a the street samurai with the metal legs and the one-time-professional bodyguard with the metal arms to the the cat burglar with the reckless guile, in over his head. Always/Never/Now translates these characters into ready-to-play action heroes on a mission that stands to change their dystopian future forever. The designer, Will Hindmarch, an old friend, asked me for a track to use for the promotional video that was kind of … Read More

"Let's go to Oktoberfest" chiptune song and music video

Here’s a cool chiptune + pixel art video featuring beer, the German language, robots, and snorkeling cows, snorkeling cows and a host of other surreal bits. This 8-bit trip to bavaria captures the spirit of retro video-games and our Gameboy plays authentic Oktoberfest drinking music 😉 The so-called ‘Wiesn’ in Munich is the biggest beer festival in the world and in this music-video you could join the CUBIES travelling there.

Goldfish: "We Come Together"

Goldfish – We Come Together (OFFICIAL) from Goldfish live on Vimeo. An amusing 8bit / retro take on the latest single from Goldfish.