Celebrity Mix 3-20-07 [Part 2]

Liz Revision Live at Celebrity 3-20-07 pt. 2 [128kbs] [192kbs]

Track list with download links after the jump :

9. Phylum Sinter: “Octaves of Eight” [unreleased] 10. RJ Valeo: “Jarus” September [Type] 11. Boards of Canada: “Aquarius” Music Has the Right to Children [Warp] Boards of Canada - Music Has the Right to Children - Aquarius
12. Landau: “Six Ways to Sunday” Thepicompromise [Merck] Landau - Thepicompromise - Six Ways to Sunday
13. Ochre: “Copacetia” Subvaritrax [subVariant] Ochre - Subvaritrax - Copacetia
14. Jimmy Edgar: “Re: City Alley” Access Rythm [Warp] Jimmy Edgar - Access Rhythm - EP - Re: City Alley
15. Fourtet: “She Moves She” Rounds [Domino] Four Tet - Rounds - She Moves She