DJ Set at Rodan 11/28/2005

Here’s my laptop-dj setlist from Rodan:

  1. OCHRE: “Copacetia” Subvaritrax. Subvariant. Ochre - Subvaritrax - Copacetia
  2. QUANTAZELLE: “It’s Fizzbang” Coaster. Subvariant.[Buy Coaster] [Buy Coaster (Digital)]
  3. QUANTAZELLE: “Late Blazing Kinch Theme (LBKT Kicked Remix)” Unreleased.
  4. QUANTAZELLE: “Stereofoam (Funked Remix)” Unreleased.
  5. QUANTAZELLE: “Sewtend” Beets. Self released.
  6. QUANTAZELLE: “Clue Miinus You” Coaster. Subvariant.
  7. THE FLASHBULB: “God Sheds Snake Skin (Quantazelle Remix)” Unreleased.
  8. QUANTAZELLE: “Daftliz-18? Unreleased.
  9. QUANTAZELLE: “Snafro” Unreleased.
  10. QUANTAZELLE: “Vanity Knobs with Groove Grimace” Coaster. Subvariant.
  11. QUANTAZELLE: “Pedwards” Coaster. Subvariant.
  12. QUANTAZELLE: “03rston_5” Unreleased.
  13. QUANTAZELLE: “Braking (Megamix)” Unreleased.
  14. QUANTAZELLE: “Wineglass Chopstick Clinkrush” Coaster. Subvariant.
  15. QUANTAZELLE: “Sinking Projectile (Narmatt Kicked Remix)” Unreleased.
  16. QUANTAZELLE: “Ping Query” Coaster. Subvariant.
  17. QUANTAZELLE: “Pansy Beatmatch” Coaster. Subvariant.
  18. QUANTAZELLE: “cityng_4” Unreleased.