Madeline McLean Knight 2000-2011

My adorable, lovable, cuddly, relentlessly independent, intelligent fur-baby left this physical operating system to upgrade to to cloud computing yesterday.

She was facing a very uncomfortable future that I couldn’t bear to put her through, and I miss her terribly already.

She migrated peacefully, surrounded by loved ones, favorite toys, her adored bed and the blue comforter that she always insisted on pulling off my bed to sleep on when I wasn’t around.

In blurringly reverse order: she got to systematically olfactory-inventory (“categorize by sniffing”) most of Logan Square, and even bookmark interesting bits (by peeing on said interesting bits); innovatively coerce treats from her grandma; enjoy exclusive innovative house / techno after-parties and impromptu electronic music jam sessions; play tug-of-war with and receive beef jerky from many talented electronic musicians who passed through my existence; trot around Wicker Park and sniff up said park; run away in Pilsen and get rescued; run away in the suburbs and get rescued; run away in a suburban forest preserve and get wrestled to the ground and rescued; learned how to walk on leash like a lady; learned to pee in the snow; and realized that even if she destroys two couches she will still be loved.

From a puppy in a shelter cage with an uncertain chance of adoption, she ended up with 10 years of unexpected amazing dog fun-ness.

She touched the hearts of many humans, from casual acquaintances, dear friends, random people on the street, and certainly the amazing doctors and nurses who treated her over the years, and who lovingly referred to her on visits as “sweetheart” or “gorgeous.”

She’s in a much better place now than the sudden, extremely uncomfortable one she found herself very recently.

So, cheers to Ms. Madeline McLean Knight. I love you, and thank you for all you’ve taught me and the unconditional love you’ve given and returned.

Here are some photos: