Morrissey retiring from health issues; here is a cover of “There is a Light that Never Goes Out” Schneider TM & Kptmichigan

“The Light 3000” Smiths cover by Schneider TM & Kptmichigan is my favorite glitchy electronic one and does the original justice in its own, haunting way. From his interview with Mexico City radio station Reactor 105.7 (transcript and audio in English):

I never cringe if anybody sings or covers a song, I find it very moving even though it might be quite bad, I still find it very moving that somebody would be bothered or interested to do it. Some of them really do affect me emotionally. But I find it extraordinary that every single day, that I hear new cover versions of songs, somebody is covering a Smiths song, every day, which I find incredible. Because British radio would never play the Smiths and they’ve (the Smiths) proven to be one of the most influential bands ever, despite everything. Despite many obstacles and they were never helped, they were never helped. So it’s interesting how, if you do have something important or special or meaningful that it will seep through eventually and nobody can stop it.”

He also goes on to explain his compromised immune system-related health issues, and appreciates his fan base and dismisses “reunion tours” as being completely commercial in nature.

Here’s another (translated) interview from Chilean news magazine La Tercera where although he said he’d rather die on stage “than a couch covered in breadcrumbs,” it looks like he is retiring.

Amanda Palmer, who’s recently gained media attention for her alternative music funding endeavors, has written an open letter urging him to crowdsource his album, but I don’t think Moz needs the cash.