Cool stuff you might have missed this week…

Geek Chic Men’s Fashion FAILs and WINs 04:00:14, 2010-04-04 “The Farm of Tomorrow” by Tex Avery 10:50:06, 2010-04-04 “The Car of Tomorrow” 10:59:32, 2010-04-04 “The House of Tomorrow” 11:01:14, 2010-04-04 Re-designed Quantazelle site with some awesome posters and t-shirts: 15:14:38, 2010-04-04 I’ve got a new website, and stuff you can buy 15:24:56, 2010-04-04 Star Wars: Retold (by someone who hasn’t seen it) #lol 11:04:52, 2010-04-05 I pretty much live in “the cloud.” Downside: when you have 42 tabs open and can’t find the one playing music right now. 13:09:30, 2010-04-05 I’m kind of serious. Is anyone doing bumptop for teh InterWeb RT @quantazelle “Most Used” and “Recently Used” being bigger etc like bumptop. 13:15:31, 2010-04-05 Liking Fresh Air vs. Being … Read More

Cool stuff you might have missed this week…

tip @Techmeme Geek Chic Men's Fashion FAILs and WINs 17:13:51, 2010-03-27 Actually enjoyed this commentary on entrepreneurialship (sp?) #losangeles #food #fastfood #entrepreneurs #startups 01:21:52, 2010-03-28 How to Dial a Rotary Telephone 15:48:57, 2010-03-29 He, I've got a cameo in this feature on Fox News for he Digital DJing Workshop at Spybar (up until 0:35ish) 16:24:47, 2010-03-30 2001 Monolith Action Figure Dharma Initiative Alarm Clock 13:25:17, 2010-04-01 RT @dBFestival: APHEX TWIN CONFIRMED FOR THE 2010 DECIBEL FESTIVAL!!! #aprilfools 13:36:32, 2010-04-01 Check out all the cool stuff I find on the intertrons #thisnext 13:53:42, 2010-04-01 Trololo cat #lol 14:02:52, 2010-04-01 So far like Toodledo Changed Context to Progress/Dependencies rank system tho since I work all the time, everywhere. 20:14:11, 2010-04-01 "Comforter … Read More

Cool stuff you might have missed this week…

Realistic paintings made from kid's drawings of monsters 14:58:28, 2010-03-20 I like this ring…I used to do projects with these in art school 08:51:12, 2010-03-21 Oh yeah and if you're on #thisnext friend me! I have so much fun with that site 08:52:11, 2010-03-21 Actually pretty cute: Connect the Dots Tattoo 09:02:00, 2010-03-21 #Chatroulette + Ben Folds concert = WIN 11:14:22, 2010-03-21 My Zelle geek jewelry line finally has a new website #wordpress 02:34:31, 2010-03-22 Uranium Ore: "Ok for cleaning teeth, not so great for killing ants." #amazon Pls read the reviews for lulz. 12:27:27, 2010-03-22 I'm too nice sometimes. 🙁 However it was a very good & productive day today. Happy music time! What's your happytrack? 20:29:07, 2010-03-22 Paper Game … Read More

Moldover LIVE & Liz Revision this Saturday. FREE

Check out this free performance of Moldover at Risque this Saturday! Known to 400,000 YouTube viewers as “The Godfather of Controllerism”, MOLDOVER has become the inspiration for a new generation of musicians interested in moving “beyond the decks.” Feb 18th, Chicago’s Ableton user group will feature Moldover for a special edition user group session. Famous for building, hacking, and playing controllers with virtuosic skill, Moldover’s dynamic performances with his custom instruments are bringing new life into electronic music. Fusing hard rock with electronica, glitch edits, and frantic drum beats, Moldover’s signature style defies categorization. And with appearances on national television, coverage in major music publications, and countless live shows around the world, Moldover is in constant demand by people interested in this next evolution of music. Moldover 9pm … Read More

Conceptual DJ mix CD in time for Valentine's Day: Neurotransmission Ltd. Ed. CD

View Details This DJ mix from Liz Revision called Neurotransmission was created around the theme of love. All of the tracks, ranging from minimal techno to IDM & ambient aim to re-create the sensation of falling in love. The handmade package is stitched together and features a cute closure mechanism. The inside features the written descriptions of serotonin and dopamine, two chemicals that increase in the body when one falls in love.The limited edition CD is only available from Fractalspin with any order of $40 or more, and only while quantities are available. Liz Revision is Chicago-based multi-hyphenate Liz McLean Knight. Established as an electronic music producer under the name Quantazelle, and owner of geek boutique Fractalspin, McLean Knight DJs glitchy minimal techno and IDM, promotes electronic music … Read More

So my birthday is coming up…. *cough*

Here are some cool things that would be nice to have! Korg KP3A great tool for live performance, the KP3 allows you to control multiple effects parameters and manipulate samples in real time. On stage or in the studio, these gestures and moves can become powerful and expressive performance elements. More than a processor, the KP3 is a complete instrument allowing you to manage, recall, and play back samples; sample on the fly; and add dynamic processing to any audio signal or to the samples themselves. The KP3 comes equipped with 128 great-sounding effect programs Sure, the traditional essential effects are there – delays, flangers, etc., and they sound amazing. But using newly developed algorithms, the KP3 also provides fresh, exciting effects such as a grain shifter, decimator, … Read More

Liz Revision: "Long Don Piano"

DOWNLOAD MP3: Liz Revision: “Long Don Piano” (58:45) 1. Koen Groeneveld: “Wake Turbulence” 2. Nudisco: “Prepare to Blast (Kanio Remix)” 3. Harry Axt: “Congo Budders” 4. Louderbach: “Frushtuck” 5. Benno Blome: “Corbera” 6. Adriano Dodici: “Kick the Bass” 7. Luca Angelli: “Reserved” 8. Junior Boys: “In the Morning (Alex Smoke Remix)” 9. The Field: “Morning” 10. Cari Lekebusch: “Shaded” 11. Umek: “Utopia” 12. The Faint: “The Geeks were Right (Boyz Noise Remix)”