A self-proclaimed “multi-hyphenate,” Liz McLean Knight is thoroughly immersed in technology, fashion, music, and the often-surprising overlaps between.liz-mar2013

When attempting to circuit bend battery-powered music toys for an upcoming music performance as Quantazelle, she discovered that electronic components can be turned into elegant jewelry and started an entire tech-fashion line called Zelle.

While devising a content management system for her online experimental electronic music magazine, Modsquare she learned various web-based programming languages and related technologies, having a head start from her one time computer science college major. With that knowledge she then started an online store, Fractalspin, to sell not only her jewelry, but also accessories and gear for the technologically-sophisticated yet fashionably-minded crowd.

Desiring to assist similar artists reach a greater audience as well as provide gear for electronic musicians, she started subVariant–a record label and accessories company behind the well-received and essential Electronic Musician’s Emergency Adapter kit.

As Quantazelle she combines complex percussive programming, sonic innovation, and engaging sound design together with an approachable melodic sensibility and often booty-liz's new top from mudshark streetwearshaking result. Her debut album released on subVariant, Coaster, was released digitally, as a CD that appeared to be a fancy beverage coaster and also as a limited “Deluxe Edition,” featuring a case with a wriststrap to carry one’s coaster along with custom surfaces (skins) and a certificate of authenticity.

As digital-DJ Liz Revision she has made her impact felt on the local dance music scene with her unique blend of minimal, house and IDM, not to mention her penchant for exuberant dancing behind the booth when warranted. These talents have earned her opening slots for such up and coming acts as Jimmy Edgar, Lee Curtiss, Noah Pred and Ghostly International’s Tycho, but also slots alongside established talents such as Background/ATC/Yore mastermind Andy Vaz and Traum/Trapez’s Oliver Hacke. And as a live performer she has shared the bill with people like Apparat (Moderat / BPitchcontrol), Kero (Detroit Underground), Phoenecia (Schematic, Warp), Mark Verbos (Simple Answer, Drop Bass Network), Jonah Sharp (Spacetime Continuum) and Richard Devine (Schematic, Warp, Detroit Underground).

Always loving a great party and passionate about sharing great music with an ever-increasing circle of appreciative humans, Liz has organized or co-organized a number of electronic music-based in Chicago such as “Laptronica” (a rap-battle style competition with contenders on laptops), numerous demo swaps that encourage local musicians to get out and be social, a geek-chic fashion show (“Softwear”), a party for the Red Bull Music Academy, and residencies at Debonair, Sonotheque, Sura, and Ai Lounge. She also shared her knowledge by contributing to music-tech blog, Create Digital Music.

Liz continues to plan and promote special events that showcase boundary-pushing electronic music, doing so with her creative perspective and appreciation for those interests that lay just to the right or left of music, such as design, multimedia art, fashion, charitable pursuits, and of course, technological innovation.





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