DJ Mix from Chiditarod 2015 @ Emporium

Chiditarod X 2015 at Emporium with the Secret Gentlemen’s Club by Liz Revision on Mixcloud Here’s a mix I did for the Secret Gentlemen’s Chiditarod X checkpoint at Emporium Arcade Bar in Wicker Park. It’s mostly tech-house with quite a few video game references and 8-Bit / chiptune stuff scattered about. And, well, people in costume swarming the place in droves. Quite fun.

“The Secret Gentleman’s Spontaneously Innocuous Assembly Soundtrack” Electroswing Mix

Here’s an electroswing mix I did a couple of weeks ago for the Club Foot Speakeasy-themed checkpoint during Chiditarod. The racing part of the team won for Best Art Cart with two giant hotrods drag-racing, one of the cars driven by drag queens. Pretty great. The Secret Gentleman’s Spontaneously Innocuous Assembly Soundtrack by Liz Revision on Mixcloud 1. The Hang Track Pt. II (Rupert Mennert Imploded Remix) byTimo Garcia Manu Delago 2. Ginger Vibes (Short Version) by Ragout De Lapin 3. Moving Like A Train (Smith N Hack Remix – Bonus Track) by Herbert 4. Snake Charmer by Benny Berigan 5. Ample Slacks by Crackhaus 6. Gotta Hold On (Extended) by The Basement Boys present Mudfoot Jones 7. Invite Everybody by James Copeland 8. Busy Line by Lazlo … Read More

Tahoe Wedding DJ Set

M&C Tahoe Wedding by Liz Revision on Mixcloud I don’t do weddings, for obvious reasons, but when you are basically given a carte blanche, why not play in different territory? (Yes, those glitches you hear are from running wifi and Traktor at the same time… sorry.)

Soundtrack from Max & Carolyn’s Wedding

You can download individual tracks by clicking the down arrow at the right of each track. Here’s the .ZIP files: Cocktails – Cake ZIP [219 MB] First Dance – End ZIP [303 MB]

Ode to Sniffles, The Frost-Breathing Dragon

Ode to Sniffles by Liz Revision on Mixcloud Liz Revision:“Ode To Sniffles” [DOWNLOAD MP3] Download the PDF of Sniffles to cut out and assemble. 1. Altered Tensions “Slow in Ashes” The Answer to the Question You Forgot to Ask [Self] 2. Diarmo “Details” Robohustlin [subVariant] 3. s.t. “Emotions in a Box” Emotions in a Box [Monotonik] 4. Elijah B. Torn “oooEight” Robohustlin [subVariant] 5. Kettel “Boekebaas” Myam James 2 [Sending Orbs] 6. Fourtet “Sings (Extended)”¬†There is Love in You [Domino] 7.¬†Quantazelle “Polychromatic Tomatoes v.1” Unreleased 8. Deetron “Collide” Collide [Green] 9. Marc Romboy vs. Stephan Bodzin “Atlas” 6 Monde [Systematic] 10. Nick Curly “Kalimba” Critical Mass EP [Murmur] 11. Peaches “Lose You (Brodinski & Yuksek Remix)” Lose You [XL Recordings]

Liz Revision: "The Consequences" DJ Mix

[gplayer href=”″ ] Liz Revision “The Consequences” [/gplayer] [DOWNLOAD] 1. Cristian Paduraru: “Where Do I Fit?” (Roby Mannarini Minimal Mix) 2. Kabale Und Liebe: “Childs Play” 3. UGLH & Federico Locchi: “Gulp” 4. Guido Schneider: “Albertino” 5. Alternative Reality: “Bleep!” (Paul Anthony & ZXX Remix) 6. Aurum Beats: “Square” (Electrohouse Beat Mix) 7. Dr. Kucho: “Do You Want To” (Beat & Bleep Mix) 8. Hoxton Whores: “Devil Toy” 9. Weekend Heroes: “Nex” (Andrea Bertolini Mix) 10. Spartaque: “Sorry Uncle Jack” 11. Andrea Giuliani: “Firemario” 12. Roland Dill: “Candy Mountain” 13. Popof: “Serenity” 14. Chymera: “Parelo” (Jody Wisternoff Mix)

Liz Revision: "Neurotransmission"

[gplayer href=”″ ] Liz Revision “Neurotransmission” [/gplayer] [DOWNLOAD] A conceptual DJ mix on the theme of love. 1. Bronnt Industries Kapital “Objects & Purpose (M.A.N.D.Y & Booka Shade Remix)” 2. Goldfrapp “Beautiful” 3. Tony Rohr “Afterburnt” 4. SCSI-9 “Sweets and Love” 5. Leon Somov “Without You” 6. Ulrich Schnauss “Blumenweise Neben Autobah” 7. Luomo “Tessio” 8. Williams “Poltergiest” 9. Larry Heard “The Sun Can’t Compare” 10. Gui Boratto “Beautiful Life” 11. Mochipet “Oly”