[Fri. 10.13.17] Zita Molnar & Liz Revision @ Pulse Generator

We hope your ready for another Friday the 13th edition of Pulse Generator!

This time we are featuring DJ performances from two top local ladies Zita Molnar and Liz Revision.

Liz Revision
(Quantazelle, IDP)
Entrepreneur-musician-artist Liz McLean Knight kept busy in her hometown of Chicago, hosting club nights and showcasing musicians and DJs from her label, subVariant. Now based in San Francisco, she continues to craft her signature blend of melodic IDM As Quantazelle and as Liz Revision her DJ sets feature dancefloor-friendly tracks with experimental sound design.

Zita Molnar
(Zettabyte, MNML:FUN)
Hungarian born, San Francisco based DJ / producer. Founder of Zettabyte Records and co-founder of the Bay Area techno collective MNML:FUN

as well as another fantastic performance from our resident :
Locky Lauchlan Casey

*Second Fridays means Pulse Generator at UNDERGROUND SF*

with Residents
Dj Clairity
Locky Lauchlan Casey

PG is your official pre-game or post-game of the night. Make us your first stop, only stop, or final destination.

424 Haight St
San Francisco
10pm – 2am


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