Meeblip: Open Source, Hackable Digital Hardware Synth


Check out this cool synth kit that’s meant to be poked prodded and programmed into whatever you wish. It’s designed by James Grahame of Reflex AudioRetro Thing, and Peter Kirn of Create Digital Music.

Here’s a demo of the kind of sounds you can make with this little hackable blippy instrument:
Meeblip bassline demo by cdm

From James:

Oscillator A & B slightly detuned, square wave on A and sawtooth on B. FM turned all the way up, distortion on. The filter resonance turned way up (hence the chirpy squeal) and the filter cutoff knob is initially open, then twiddled a bit to help the filter chirp. At the end, I just slowly turn the cutoff down. the VCF envelope modulation is mapped to MIDI velocity, which adds some sonic movement.

Take a lookGet one of your ownlearn how to make / use / modify it, and then join us in the MeeBlip group to share sounds, hacks, photos, videos, music, whatever.