Ibiza Ride Black Leather Cuff & #000000 Tie (Black Tie)

<< Ibiza Ride Leather Cuff – Black This totally sexy and nerdy version of the original Ibiza Ride watch is totally futuristicly nerdy with a rock star edge. The staff here are fighting over these guys! It features a super wide black leather cuff with an innovative buckle system, and the same dial as it’s older brother, that oh-so-popular kid:  Ibiza Ride LED watch. >> #000000 Tie (Black Tie) This will undoubtedly be your best bet for all black tie affairs. Printed with a large “#000000? –hexadecimal code for the color black, sure to make all graphic designers and web developers giggle.

Five cool, affordable geek gifts for this Christmas at Fractalspin

Everything here is in-stock and will ship via First Class USPS mail if ordered by Dec. 20 in time for Christmas. Woot! 1. Cat5 Bracelet – $15 Who would have thought that the guts of ethernet cable would make such a pretty multicolored bracelet? Anyone who rocks this multi-stranded wire bracelet sends a subtle signal to those in the know that the wearer is not just a geek, but one with style. http://www.fractalspin.com/x/product.php?productid=9&cat=0&page=1 2. Video Game Candy Tins – $3 Unexpectedly cute Super Mario Bros. Mushrooms and Stars have the secret bonus of being filled with tasty sour candy, and replicas of a Nintendo Wiimote and NES controller contain gum and mints. Not only are they great stocking stuffers, the tins can be re-used to hold memory cards, … Read More

Fractalspin's 2009 Holiday Gift Guide

Gifts $10 and underNintendo Super Mario Bros. Mushrooms make great stocking stuffers for gamers, kids, or retro enthusiasts. [More gift ideas] Gifts $25 and underThese cool necklaces made from the hub of a floppy disk will surprise the geek on your gift list. There is the version shown as well as another with a ball chain instead. [More gift ideas] Gifts $50 and underThese microfiber Cable Ties feature 1/4? and RCA cables on three different color options. [More gift ideas] Gifts $100 and under These silver necklaces–available in two sizes–feature a real working level. They would make a great present for any DIYer, with their subtle nerdery. [More gift ideas] Gifts $100+ This awesome necklace features diodes of three different voltages (sizes). [More gift ideas] More cool stuff … Read More

Pac-Man candy & more at Fractalspin

Pac-Man CandyAh, Pac-Man, you were my gateway drug. When I was in preschool my mom would take me along to her bowling league meetings every week and plop me down on a bar stool in front of Pac-Man where I would obsessively guide him through the maze, chomping away at yummy dots. Next up it was Haunted Mansion on the C64 and Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy on the Apple IIe in my early school years, and then Super Mario Bros. and Who Framed Roger Rabbit? on NES in my junior high years. High school found me in front of a 486 playing games I downloaded from BBSs, namely Wolfenstein 3d and Doom. In college I would giggle at the Unix game Hunt the Wumpus and then promptly … Read More

Valentine's Day "Science Project"

Here is a great science project-inspired Valentine’s Day card from one geeky-yet-considerate husband with a sense of humor to his overworked wife. Click on the image for a bigger version so you can read the hypothesis, variables, and eventual conclusion. My hypothesis is that if I help with the kids when I get home from work, Mindy will be happier than if I sit on the couch, or check my email. Turns out my hypothesis was correct. (Shocking!)

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