Cool stuff you might have missed this week…2010-06-12-2010-06-18

Walking into your kitchen and having 8 people talk about MAX/Msp = Priceless. Thank you everyone who came out last night to Liz's Nerd Fest. 07:57:43, 2010-06-13 I'm broadcasting my live Stickam stream at started: Sun, 14:55 PDT 15:55:35, 2010-06-13 I'm broadcasting my live Stickam stream at started: Sun, 18:30 PDT 19:30:16, 2010-06-13 I'm broadcasting my live Stickam stream at started: Sun, 21:01 PDT 22:01:48, 2010-06-13 wow! epic live set 07:50:18, 2010-06-14 RT @percussionlab: Well that was quick. We're back. 07:53:00, 2010-06-14 Wow I feel bad for you legal types out there. The system is like anti-digital. I actually had to use a copier today. Retro! 15:16:04, 2010-06-15 I heart rain! Wish it had thunder + lightening tho. That stuff rules. 15:49:22, 2010-06-15 … Read More

Cool stuff you might have missed this week…2010-06-05-2010-06-11

It's Taturday! 17:14:58, 2010-06-05 Cool desktop theme competition "Cute Vector" at PixelGirlPresents win Fractalspin, iTunes, and Shanalogic gift cards! 20:27:32, 2010-06-05 Cool desktop background competition “Cute Vector” at PixelGirlPresents: Win Fractalspin, iTunes, and Shanalogic gi… 21:46:24, 2010-06-05 June 15 is Keanu Reeves Day. PIC: 21:53:29, 2010-06-05 Speaking in Code DVD available now at Fractalspin 15:10:55, 2010-06-06 "Yo, I got your back. Literally." (Cute turtles) 17:41:10, 2010-06-08 More science nerdcore hiphop: stem cell research 18:00:47, 2010-06-08 Goats with balls ain’t into crackers from crackers! Jus sayin’ 01:00:03, 2010-06-09 Awesome Mario Stop Motion Animation 20:12:55, 2010-06-09 thanks, Blackhawks. Your fireworks-loving fans make my dog cower and shiver under my desk. Good times. 21:19:39, 2010-06-09 My dog hates your sportsfans … Read More

Cool stuff you might have missed this week…2010-05-29-2010-06-04 13:36:58, 2010-05-29 Up early reading biz books. wtf. 07:09:12, 2010-05-30 I made a new Quantazelle t-shirt. What do you think? 12:22:39, 2010-05-30 12:27:24, 2010-05-30 12:27:44, 2010-05-30 New T-Shirt for Quantazelle 13:11:40, 2010-05-30 G-STAR SALE! Woot 13:11:41, 2010-05-30 Whoa giant sinkhole in Guatemala eats a 3 story building 14:42:48, 2010-06-01 Awesome movie 18:59:33, 2010-06-01 Steven Hawking in zero gravity. No, really: 15:05:02, 2010-06-02 I'm broadcasting my live Stickam stream at started: Thu, 03:41 PDT 04:41:25, 2010-06-03 I'm at Martini Ranch (311 W Chicago Ave, Chicago). 23:13:41, 2010-06-03

Cool stuff you might have missed this week…2010-05-22-2010-05-28

Cruising down the highway with the windows down with this on was awesome 11:50:22, 2010-05-23 Chilled on the couch with reading material…and woke up an hour+ later. Summer! 15:48:11, 2010-05-23 LOL never thought I would get so happy about METAL. Cool documentary from an anthropologist. Skip to 1:31:30 17:56:52, 2010-05-23 Check out Open Channel: Chicago Electronic "Open Mic" on Meetup – Thursday June 10 23:37:30, 2010-05-25 Diaspora–Facebook alternative with a focus on privacy–gets 1,892% funded on Kickstarter 12:28:41, 2010-05-26 RT @bpglobalpr A bird just stole my sandwich! You deserve everything you get, nature! Buy a Tshirt & help out #bpcares 12:40:31, 2010-05-26 “Where’s Rob?” Brilliant IRL prank that shows kind souls at work 15:52:49, 2010-05-26 NOT going to Detroit this year. Yeah, … Read More

Cool stuff you might have missed this week…2010-05-15-2010-05-21

Zelle launches the 1337 collection of sophisticated jewelry made from electronic components 10:11:42, 2010-05-15 Nice writeup from CrunchGear on my Zelle 1337 line 13:30:46, 2010-05-15 Tracks are starting to come in from my contest! This is soooo cool! 10:49:57, 2010-05-16 totally dot com: K'NEX anyone? RT @candice: Orrrrr… why I quit playing with girl toys and moved on to computers. – 10:55:44, 2010-05-16 One of my fav toys when I was mini-Liz Playschool Pipeworks Deluxe Set FTW 11:00:09, 2010-05-16 Win some limited edition Zelle gear! 19:08:32, 2010-05-16 FRAK what was the name of the toy in the 80s / 90s that had interconnecting clear balls with gears / motors / awesome inside??? <3! 20:13:18, 2010-05-16 YESSS!!!!! ftw RT @jsetlak: @quantazelle Capsela. I … Read More

Cool stuff you might have missed this week…2010-05-08-2010-05-14

Gary Busey on "Buseyisms" 12:27:51, 2010-05-11 Hipster to HIppie in 6 Steps: A Cautionary Tale 12:34:12, 2010-05-11 RT @xcopy: Sleeper Wakes Jeff Mills Futuristic DJ Jump Suit – 12:35:26, 2010-05-11 Music Gear Nerds: Robotspeak is closing so everything must go 16:23:13, 2010-05-11 SIMCard Notebook & Address Book 20:15:34, 2010-05-11 The story of Nikola Tesla, told drunk and sober 23:56:33, 2010-05-11 rendering audio to disk 12:56:27, 2010-05-12 yay! RT @MstrPrgrmmr: Remixin some @quantazelle samples 13:02:47, 2010-05-12 Cover of "Little Lies" by Fleetwood Mac done electropop style that i'm workin on 13:48:52, 2010-05-12 Zelle (my) line launches 1337, a sophisticated collection of special occasion jewelry made from electronic components 18:19:50, 2010-05-12 Timelapse video of the making of one of the pieces in … Read More

Cool stuff you might have missed this week…2010-05-01-2010-05-07

ROFLcon ends today dot lulz 19:58:22, 2010-05-01 I'm at Double Door (1572 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago) w/ 2 others. 20:33:25, 2010-05-01 lulz 13:02:45, 2010-05-03 Mumbles buys a car 00:15:34, 2010-05-04 HOW YOU DOIN? 00:16:29, 2010-05-04 Job interview from hell #lulz 00:42:14, 2010-05-04 NEW! SIM Card Address Book and SIMBook Notebook #fractalspin 15:53:46, 2010-05-04 New deadline for my remix contest is May 28. Get on it! 07:23:59, 2010-05-05 Izabella's on #Yelp: This is one of the few places in the city that I've found that actually does REAL gel nails. Mo… 16:45:57, 2010-05-05 My attempt at vocals. What do you think??? 23:34:40, 2010-05-06 How to use a vocoder in Ableton Live 10:47:30, 2010-05-07 YouTomb tracks what … Read More

Cool stuff you might have missed this week…2010-04-24-2010-04-30

“Visitations: A Musical Tribute to Dr. Who” 10:33:07, 2010-04-24 Taking woofie to Humbolt Park with Mommazelle. 09:15:44, 2010-04-25 30 Days: Life in Another’s Shoes (Straight Man in a Gay World) 11:14:07, 2010-04-25 To my musician and DJ friends who struggle, remember that music is powerful. Look at Estonia's "Singing Revolution" 09:46:55, 2010-04-26 Last nite El stop announcer goes "Ma'am, you're draggin' your scarf" and I was like "Weird announcement." Then I looked down. Oops 12:20:36, 2010-04-26 So blissed out now thanks to IRL time with good friends. 😀 12:21:33, 2010-04-26 In Mexico you can pay your taxes with your artwork. This is brilliant 13:31:18, 2010-04-26 covered my Quantazelle remix contest. Weird that Lady Gaga is on there too….hmm 20:26:51, 2010-04-26 RT @mashable: … Read More

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