Fruity Loops 6

I’ve been using Fruity Loops on and off for a few years now, and I have to say that its latest incarnation is the most complete, versatile, and excellent. While it has supported VSTs for a few versions at this point, it has continually added functionality and neat toys. Click here for the new stuff in version 6.Get 10% off your copy of Fruity Loops

How to make giftbags out of free shipping envelopes [Part 1: Tyvek Giftbag]

So you’re the type that thinks ahead and you’ve finished your holiday shopping–but you’ve blown all your cash on gifts without remembering wrapping paper. Sure, you could just use newspaper, but that’s so overplayed. Why not surprise your gift recipients with how clever and crafty you are? Make gift bags out of freely available shipping envelopes! Here’s a step-by-step explanation with photos at every stage of how to use a Tyvek envelope to make cool gift bags. I came up with this idea when I had to go to an engagement party directly after work. I picked up a bottle of champagne during the day, but forgot to grab some sort of gift bag while I was there. Seeing as my office had plenty of Tyvek shipping envelopes, … Read More

Star Trek computer simulation screensaver

This is a seriously cool screensaver that makes your computer look like it’s running LCARS (Library Computer Access and Retrieval System), the computer system of Star Trek. System47, named after a strange inside joke involving recurrances of the number 47, is luckily available for both Windows and OSX. Installation is easy, and there’s an option to turn off the sound, which I’d recommend. Not that the sound is bad, it’s just that random sound coming from an idle computer is kind of unsettling. Thanks, James!

Stainless steel Dreamcast watch

The people over at NCS have a reissue of a stainless steel watch in the shape of a Dreamcast. For the uninitiated, the Dreamcast was / is an excellent (at the time) console by Sega that only had a three-year lifespan before it was discontinued. Some of the more notable games created for it are Seamen (a sea-monkeys-eque “virtual life” game where you raise intelligent live in real time by using your voice), Shenmue (a roleplaying game so real that it included the more mundane aspects of life, like physical labor at one’s job), Echo the Dolphin (an adventure game where your a dolphin solving puzzles), and everyone’s favorite, oft-quoted (“…but the soul still burns”) fighting game, Soul Calibur. To view the time on this watch, press the … Read More