At Debonair with Andy Vaz 6-26-08

Liz Revision at Debonair with Andy Vaz 6-26-08 45:41 [MixStation – 190 VBR, 59.6 MB] [190 VBR, 59.6 MB] 1. HeartThrob: “Hot Sugar Candy Apple Taffy” Minimize to Maximize [Minus] 2. Johannes Heil: “Freaks R Us” Freaks R Us [Klang] 3. Oliver Hacke: C1 Subject Carrier [Trapez] 4. Alter Ego: “Jolly Joker” Why Not? [Klang] 5. Konrad Black: “Medusa Smile (Don’t Look Back) (Rocket’s Revamp)” Medusa Smile [Wagon Repair] 6. Dinky: “Acid in My Fridge” Acid in My Fridge [Cocoon] 7. Gui Boratto “Beautiful Life” Chromophobia Remixe Pt. 2 [Kompakt]

"All you have to do is dance to save the world"–human powered nightclubs to reduce oil dependency

No, this isn’t some sort of hippie-dippy Earth Dance PLUR for peace movement that’s convinced it can save the world by hoping *really* hard… it’s a way to power a nightclub by harnessing the power of dancers. The nonprofit Club4Climate is behind the concept, with a fictional Dr. Earth as its spokesman who “wants you to be environmentally aware, but he sees no reason why environmental awareness and hedonism shouldn’t go hand in hand.” Fair enough. The dancefloor concept as illustrated above is pretty clever–something that healthclubs should consider implementing as well to keep down overhead and be affordable for more fat Americans people. But they don’t stop with the dancefloor: …No entry until you sign a pledge promising to work towards stopping climate change. Then free entry … Read More

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Photos and videos from Mutek 2008

Le Club 1906, Friday May 30 Le Club 1906, Saturday May 31 – Sunday June 01 ft. Sammy Dee Sammy Dee DJing Sammy Dee DJing Sammy Dee DJing

[Ramp Chicago] European Techno Legend Andy Vaz in Chicago with Peter Kirn and Liz Revision

CHICAGO IL— Andy Vaz, the DJ/producer, largely credited with spearheading the so-called minimal movement in European dance music, performs at Debonair Social Club in Chicago, June 26 for a very special date on a four city mini-tour of the USA. A long time presence in the European techno community, Vaz, introduced the world to the complexities offered by the minimal techno genre in its various regional forms, exposing the world to some of the premiere releases by artists such as Akufen, Geoff White, Deadbeat, Stewart Walker, Sutekh and Oliver Hacke through his highly innovative Background Records label. The Dusseldorf native and now Cologne resident has also made an impact on the global house music scene with his highly influential A Touch of Class imprint, on which Vaz’s keen … Read More

10 Sad DIY Geek Gifts You Should Never Buy

While Etsy does have its charms, when things go ugly, they go very ugly. All of these are truly hideous things that have never taken physical form, and will only dissapoint and anger the recipient. Observe:

[Jackson @ Lava] Jimmy Edgar with Liz Revision & Mandate

MEIOTIC & APSERPS PRESENT JACKSON::Second Fridays @ LAVA FRIDAY JUNE 13TH ::JACKSON# 5 featuring JIMMY EDGAR (Warp Records – NYC) Labels: WARP.ISOPHLUX.M3RCK.CITINITE.DETUND Snatching all kinds of influences from his Detroit birthplace and his current New York base, Jimmy Edgar manufactures unique and provocative modern sound environments. Stitching beats together since he was ten, he released his first records with ISOPHLUX and M3RCK. His ensuing WARP Records releases, the acclaimed EP Bounce, Make, Model and full-length album Color Strip, broke the rhythm and melody down to its prime components to create a tight, ultra-modern feel. Jimmy’s latest release – I Don’t Know (What You’re Doing To Me; Citinite 2008) is what Boomkat calls “a thick and slick slice of late night dancefloor gratification that references Prince, Drexciya, Zapp and … Read More

Movement & Mutek articles at CDM

Here are a few articles I’ve written so far for Create Digital Music for Movement 2008 and Mutek in Montreal: Interview: Rechenzentrum, A/V Duo at Mutek Rechenzentrum, which means “data processing center” in German, is a Berlin-based duo who create live audio-visual performances by combining austere film visuals with their own brand of minimal techno, fusing elements of jazz, dub, and early industrial. Marc Wieser handles the music half while Lillevan navigates the visual landscape. Their 2003 DVD release Director’s Cut, originally out on Mille Plateaux, went on to win the Ars Electronica prize. Marc and Lillevan sat down with us after their sound check for A/Visions 2 at Mutek 2008. M-Audio UC-33 and Ableton Live Combo Everywhere at Movement 2008 Liz notes the spooky near-ubiquity of UC-33e … Read More