"All you have to do is dance to save the world"–human powered nightclubs to reduce oil dependency

No, this isn’t some sort of hippie-dippy Earth Dance PLUR for peace movement that’s convinced it can save the world by hoping *really* hard… it’s a way to power a nightclub by harnessing the power of dancers. The nonprofit Club4Climate is behind the concept, with a fictional Dr. Earth as its spokesman who “wants you to be environmentally aware, but he sees no reason why environmental awareness and hedonism shouldn’t go hand in hand.” Fair enough.

The dancefloor concept as illustrated above is pretty clever–something that healthclubs should consider implementing as well to keep down overhead and be affordable for more fat Americans people. But they don’t stop with the dancefloor:

…No entry until you sign a pledge promising to work towards stopping climate change. Then free entry to those who can prove they got there by foot, bike or public transport. Once inside, organic drinks will be served in polycarbon cups and there will be recycled water in the lavatories.

Combine the whole thing with a bio-feedback DJ algorithm and you’ve got a sustainable club of the future. Or something.

Green Nightclubs Harness Sustainable Power of Dance