[9.26.09] RECOMMENDED: "Above the Skyline – Hardt & Soul: Rooptop Edition" benefitting "For The Mammas"

Forté Productions has planned “Above the Skyline – Hardt & Soul: Rooftop Edition” on Saturday, September 26, 2009 to deliver a distinctly refreshing event experience to Chicago music, art and fashion connoisseurs. Above the Skyline embodies Forté Productions’ and Hardt & Soul’s philosophy of creating unique, intimate, and unforgettable experiences for our audience utilizing alternative venues, while showcasing innovative futuristic music, art and fashion.

Above the Skyline offers an atypical event experience in Chicago by showcasing world renowned DJ, artist, and designer talent at dual indoor/outdoor rooftop decks at River City, located at 800 S. Wells. The first rooftop, Skyline Park, is a picturesque 1.5-acre park with grassy hills, trees, plants and flowers, chairs, benches and tables, with the Chicago River and skyscrapers as the backdrop. The second rooftop is a more industrial setting with a 360-degree view of downtown Chicago, the Chicago River, and Lake Michigan. Industrial picnic benches, chairs, and lounge-chairs are available for guests. DJs will provide the musical entertainment on each rooftop and local artists will showcase their art in each building and at booths, while models will be wearing local designer fashion.

Above the Skyline will be produced in benefit of For the Mamas, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for women whose lives are affected by cancer and its treatment. Proceeds raised will be used to provide these women with massage, acupuncture, manicures, pedicures, chiropractic treatment, yoga, music lessons, art lessons, and more free of charge. Additional program will also include education and information, classes on exercise, nutrition, and stress reduction, as well as psychological support for these women, their families and friends. In addition to having DJs, artists and designers, Above the Skyline will also have on-premise licensed massage therapists and acupuncturists offering services free of charge to attendees. For the Mamas recognizes and cherishes the mothers and women in our lives. This special launch party will be the first of many events that Forté Productions intends to promote as a fundraising vehicle benefiting For the Mamas.

Above the Skyline’s featured artists and designers include Erica Van Schaik (aka: Betty Brown), Sarah Smith, and Matt Main.

You’ll experience hours of quality music with DJ sets from:

Gianna Hardt (Forté: Chicago)

Frankie Vega (In Your System: Chicago)

Adam Jensen (Silentcorp: Chicago)

Vinnie Grimaldo (A.O.D.: Detroit)

John Simmons (Kompute: Chicago)

Karl Meier (Fear of Music: Chicago/NYC)

K-Rad (Just Quality Music: DJ Therapy: Chicago)

Philip Stone (Chicago)

Popkan (Meiotic: Chicago)

Frederic Zahm (Souvenir: Chicago/Paris)

Striz (illmeasures: Chicago)

Max Jacobson (Migrashun: Chicago)

Hernan Sanchez (Newtype: Chicago)

Matthew Martin v. Audiophile (Meiotic: Chicago)

Massage Therapy, Acupuncture:

Alaethia Doctor

Christine Stlaske

With an extraordinary talent roster and decadent audial experience located at a gorgeous indoor/outdoor setting, Above the Skyline promises to be the most unique event of the summer and fall.

Above the Skyline tickets will be available as pre-sale only by donating $10.

Special thanks to our sponsor Earl Hellum at IDCglobal.net for helping make this event possible.