“The Family” from 1974 was Britain’s first reality TV show. No, really…

The BBC’s documentaries are generally top notch–the polar opposite of current US “edutainment” shows that have distilled down formulas to get the highest eyeballs. It’s little wonder that The Family (above–full) from 1974 would be the precursor to reality TV shows–but that theirs would be more “fly on the wall” and genuinely curious about and relatively impartial towards their subject. An American Family from 1971 is its precursor, but I haven’t checked it out yet. Compare this style to a parody of what masquerades as reality TV in the states, one that’s blatantly geared towards a perceived audience who apparently incapable of paying attention unless there are gongs or trombones to highlight emotional moments, and chopped up, heavily edited dialog that literally spells out the dialog needed to … Read More

Geek Chic Men's Fashion FAILs and WINs

Here’s an article I wrote for the Fractalspin blog that’s a “DOs and DON’Ts” for men’s geek fashion: “Geek Chic Men’s Fashion Fails and Wins” [via Fractalspin’s blog] Among the fails: LED belt buckles that visually scream GEEK; god-awful so-called “utilikilts;” NES Controller belt buckles; LED / electroluminescent t-shirts that either interact with sound or announce the presence of a WiFi signal by blinking / lighting up; bad haircuts; doing it wrong Among the wins: G-Star’s men’s line featuring a futuristic Poindexter nod with their signature crazy-stich detailing; “nerd glasses;” intentionally-tousled hair and deliberately disheveled, dressed-down suit ensembles on Doctor Who’s Tenth Doctor (David Tennant); microcontroller cufflinks; J.Lindeberg; cool ties; Converse All-Star So what do you think? Did I nail the WINs wholeheartedly or come down too hard … Read More

[9.26.09] RECOMMENDED: "Above the Skyline – Hardt & Soul: Rooptop Edition" benefitting "For The Mammas"

Forté Productions has planned “Above the Skyline – Hardt & Soul: Rooftop Edition” on Saturday, September 26, 2009 to deliver a distinctly refreshing event experience to Chicago music, art and fashion connoisseurs. Above the Skyline embodies Forté Productions’ and Hardt & Soul’s philosophy of creating unique, intimate, and unforgettable experiences for our audience utilizing alternative venues, while showcasing innovative futuristic music, art and fashion.