[9.26.09] RECOMMENDED: "Above the Skyline – Hardt & Soul: Rooptop Edition" benefitting "For The Mammas"

Forté Productions has planned “Above the Skyline – Hardt & Soul: Rooftop Edition” on Saturday, September 26, 2009 to deliver a distinctly refreshing event experience to Chicago music, art and fashion connoisseurs. Above the Skyline embodies Forté Productions’ and Hardt & Soul’s philosophy of creating unique, intimate, and unforgettable experiences for our audience utilizing alternative venues, while showcasing innovative futuristic music, art and fashion.

[9.25.09] RECOMMENDED: love disco style

This Friday! love disco style **dancing the nite away** ••••09.25.09 •••• @ Green Dolphin St. Main Room 2200 N. Ashland Ave. http://www.jazzitup.com/ 10:30pm ’til 4am free b4 mid-night with rsvp – cesariomoza@yahoo.com $10 after ***featuring all vinyl dance mixes by Cesario Magnifique*** & special guests

[9.30.09] RECOMMENDED: "Your Business on a Mac: Marketing Solutions for Small-Medium Businesses"

MacSpecialist is hosting a seminar by Duct Tape Marketing focused on helping small to medium business owners and operators develop and deliver their marketing message. I’m a small business owner (Fractalspin.com) and considering the state of the economy, this is a really valuable resource for biz owners. Cost for one of these seminars is $100 but MacSpecialist—the coolest Chicagoland Mac repair & sales authority–is picking up the tab so it’s FREE. Yeah. Crazy, right?

[9.19.09] Artificial Intelligence 4: Raver Rewind 2000 ft Popkan, Dirtybird, Gianna Hardt & Tim Kasper

Get ready to re-live the heydey of electronic music in Chicago with Raver Rewind 2000 on Saturday September 19 at Ai Lounge. Four Chicago-based DJs who’ve experienced the scene firsthand back in the day will be playing records only from 1992-2000 for an authentic soundrack.  Contemporary instruments like laptops, digital DJ gear, Monomes / APC, Lemurs are specifically prohibited as well. What’s not prohibited is getting into the “raver spirit” by dressing the part–phat pants, bright colors, ravey t-shirts, and bringing some PLUR and good vibes. For some of us who were there in the scene, it will be a night heavy on nostalgia, and will bring back the joy of hearing classic tracks that we remember fondly. For the newer recruits into the contemporary electronic music scene, it will be educational to hear the … Read More

PowerWheels Grand Prix, Logan Square

Were you one of those kids who had a next door neighbor who had that sweet corvette PowerWheel and were too woefully poor to have one yourself? We were those kids, and we decided to do something about it….20 years later. We decided to modify and race PowerWheels, We do it for the glory, for the daring dreamy dream of that tasty elixir known as childhood that we’ll never have again cause we have day jobs and don’t weigh 70 pounds anymore. (Fatty) We also want to play Mario Kart in real life without all those pesky pixels. The PowerWheel Racing Series (PPPWRS) presents to the world an event for the ages. On August 15th 6 teams will gather to win the prized PowerWheel Cup an award so … Read More

[8.23] Detox: Liz Revision, Renan, DJ Mani, Droopy

It’s time for another installment of Detox, your 4th Sunday getaway at LAVA, presented by droopzilla.com and subVariant. For August, our guests are Renan (Soul Foundation), DJ Mani ( House of Godz), and Liz Revision ( subVariant), supported by resident DJ, Droopy. This month, we are also supporting markrunsforcancer.com. Our friend, Mark, is raising money for the American Cancer Society during the Bank of America Chicago Marathon. This month’s Detox will be a fundraiser of sorts, so please consider showing some support, or at least coming by to wish Mark luck, and have a drink with us. Oh yes, the music as well. Lots of good music. Check out the web-flyer here. See you there! Official Site: http://droopzilla.com

[8.15]Artificial Intelligence 3: Pirate Party ft. Johnny Armstrong, CJ Clark, R-KATYP3, Antiphase

Avast, pirates! Bring a CD/ DVD of your art, music, videos, photos or anything cool you have the right to distribute on Saturday Aug. 15 5o Ai Lounge. It will be uploaded to subVariant.com where anyone can download it. Talking like a pirate not required. Arrr. These here DJs will be spinnin’ some house & techno fer ye landlubbers. Johnny Armstrong (In Your System) CJ Clark R-KATYP3 (Peoplemuver) Antiphase (NBFC) HOST: Liz Revision Sat 8/15 (9PM) AI Lounge 358 W. Ontario chicago, IL

[8.9] Living Sundays ft. Liz Revision

This week we’re delighted to present the versatile and delicious stylings of Liz Revision (aka Quantazelle)…We are excited are excited about it. And you should be too. http://www.myspace.com/lizrevision As per usual, Dojo and The Abominable Twitch will be dropping some kind of warm gooey brunch at dinnertime sort of musical mashing… http://www.myspace.com/spacelasersword Live visual brain dancing provided by the prolific and witty Ontologist (visuals) So… Be here: AUGUST 9 RODAN 1530 n milwaukee 10pm – 2am FREE !!! PRESENTED BY LIVING SUNDAYS www.livingsundays.com