How MIDI works (unintentionally hilarious retro videos)

Musical Instrument Digital Interface, a protocol that allows keyboards to talk to computers, is generally considered to be a retro technology. With the increase in use of USB hardware controllers, soft synths and VSTis, and protocols like ASIO and the groundbreaking concept behind Native Instrument’s Kore, MIDI is decidedly less useful to the electronic musicians of today. For the curious, or those who have a soft spot for the electronics of the 1980s, the multimedia artist Paul Slocum has encoded an instructional video he borrowed from the library into streaming videos broken up by chapters. These are streaming windows format videos, so you should use Windows Media Player on a PC, or download VLC (a cross-platform media player). Intro Section 1: In The Beginning Section 2: The Players … Read More

Stainless steel Dreamcast watch

The people over at NCS have a reissue of a stainless steel watch in the shape of a Dreamcast. For the uninitiated, the Dreamcast was / is an excellent (at the time) console by Sega that only had a three-year lifespan before it was discontinued. Some of the more notable games created for it are Seamen (a sea-monkeys-eque “virtual life” game where you raise intelligent live in real time by using your voice), Shenmue (a roleplaying game so real that it included the more mundane aspects of life, like physical labor at one’s job), Echo the Dolphin (an adventure game where your a dolphin solving puzzles), and everyone’s favorite, oft-quoted (“…but the soul still burns”) fighting game, Soul Calibur. To view the time on this watch, press the … Read More

Pong and other pixelated videogame scarves

Here’s a cool scarf based on Pong from the Bits2Die4 shop. Not surprisingly, crocheted and knitted items work very well for displaying pixelated art. The Space Invaders scarf, available in three different colors is also a nice one. I’m not really such a fan of crafty-looking things, even if they have cool pop culture / video refences (ie: check out the “geek” tag at, or the stuff at Renegade Craft Fair), but these scarves are tasteful and still convey a healthy dose of game-geek-chic. bits2die4 | bits2buy | shop technorati tags:gaming, fashion, winter, geek, geek_gifts, 8bit, 16bit, pixel, gifts Blogged with Flock

Leet Pong t-shirt

Anyone who has a gamer guy on their holiday gift list should check out this Pong-based t-shirt. In perfectly-acceptable, perpetually-in-style brown, this t-shirt combines style with 8-bit game sensibility. And, I bet most of you geeky peoples can appreciate the oh-so-serendipitous score that’s totally leet. It’s from Europe, so you can expect a bit of a longer wait time and would need to internally calculate Euros to Dollars, but it’s so worth it. Hurry up and get one! [check it out] [via]

Portraits created while gaming

This portrait of pure evil was created by photographer Phillip Toledano who created a portrait series featuring seven models in high key, chiaroscuro-esque lighting while they played video games. He doesn’t mention the game titles or platforms used, but it’s for the better, as these hilarious adrenaline-filled portraits are a fascinating glimpse into the agressive extremes of the models’ personalities.


While wandering through the internet wilderness I came across a site in a blogroll whose name caught my fancy: Being as I have a soft spot for Game Boys (uhm–in both senses of the term? *cough*), I clicked the link to discover a fascinating blog about video game culture, specifically how it relates to the women who love it and the larger pop-culture that influences it and surrounds it. Here’s a few interesting posts: “The Multimedia Nest.” The definition of Multimedia Nest is “coherent sensory and informational experience made up of modular and disparate pieces that coccoon [oneself].” For me, it’s having a DVD playing on the TV while I sit in a cushy chair with my laptop, hitting the STUMBLE! button in Firefox while sending SMS … Read More