ATOM^TM on Saturday in Chicago, an odd new mix & paper toys!

[SENT TO MY EMAIL LIST] Hi there! It’s been a minute since I popped up in your inbox, but you should be aware of some cool things. First off, this Saturday in Chicago, ATOM (Senor Coconut) and Tobias are playing to launch a new “electronic music education initiative and creativity cultivator” called Electronic Sound + Art Chicago (ESAC). The idea is to highlight interesting artists and bring a refreshingly sincere take on an increasingly scenester-and-PR-driven musical landscape. ESAC’s opening choice of acts exemplifies their mentality. If you look at ATOM aka Uwe Schmidt’s discography, he constantly innovates, switches genres, collaborates, but he’s insanely talented and does it all extremely well. His early project, Atom Heart featured ambient / acid-tinged and atmospheric deep techno, and then he moves to … Read More

Letter to Lego: “Why you still have sausage party?”

[Emailed to Lego on 5/2/2012 since they have a charlimit on their comment form] Hey guys, I’m a woman who has been a Lego fan since I was a little girl. I loved cars, and I loved hotel rooms, and I made the coolest spaceships and space stations from the random Lego sets my parents bought me. My style was “Airstream meets 2001: A Space Odyssey, plus Holiday Inn” (because, c’mon, every space cruiser needs a pool!). It was super fun building vehicles for imaginary adventures. Luckily, I still create stuff as an adult even though they aren’t space Winnebagos. I gotta say though… I have yet to see one girl represented in your “Cool Creations” shout-out spread where you feature works by kids. Granted, I may have … Read More

“Sniffles, The Frost-Breathing Dragon” Paper Toy

Sniffles is basically an “albino” in the dragon community. Through a strange combination of recessive genes, he doesn’t breathe fire, he breathes frost, which means he chills whatever he breathes on. While he later learned that this was useful at house parties without enough fridge space for all the beer, when he was growing up he had to deal with constant ridicule, just like deer Rudolph. Talk about awkward! Needless to say, he quickly learned not to laugh in the face of people telling a joke (frostbite is super uncool). And another uncool side effect for his “power” is that he constantly has a runny nose. Think about it–if you breathe frost you’re going to get sniffly. Sniffles has gotten used to is, and so his trusty sidekick … Read More

"Shit Programmers Say"

There is exactly one line of dialog in this, and it kinda is totally true. However, they all have the same problem I do.. the laptop scrunch. Let’s all agree to go back to multi-screen-iverse land and make our backs happy.

"Being Grounded": food, sustainability and healthy living

So, yeah, this “chef” with a most-unhealthy TV cooking show, Paula Deen, who has not only has kept her diabetes diagnosis secret for 3 years, she endorses Novo Nordisk, a drug company that services one of the most profitable diseases to “treat” (yep: diabetes). First off, I’ve got family in the South, and I can appreciate the need of people with a common, turbulent past, to carry on those traditions that inspire future generations to persevere despite hardship. People of Jewish faith do this, as do Christians, among others. But, this particular “southern traditional diet” also happens to be very high in calories, and taking in more calories than you need means you store it as fat, and that throws your system off whack, which is a precursor … Read More

Cindy Sherman's photograph is now the most expensive photo ever. And I did an homage to it.

Like Ms. Sherman, my creative process involves being alone, thinking, devising, mentally-sketching, tweaking, re-tweaking, re-thinking; sharing for feedback, and then re-tweaking some more. It’s emblematic of the contemporary, technology-enabled artist, in a way. Creative types have so many resources available: so many mediums to muck around in, so many visual sandboxes (like Adobe CSx–Photoshop, Illustrator, Premier); audio playgrounds (like Reaktor, Ableton, FL Studio) and platforms for interdisciplinary / cross-medium work (like Max/MSP, etc). … When I applied to art colleges, I was so disheartened by the rampant insistence that I choose a medium. I didn’t like the feeling of being forced to create within an established “language” (medium) that could be critically evaluated (by critics who specialized in media). Then I found California Institute of the Arts, was … Read More

Madeline McLean Knight 2000-2011

My adorable, lovable, cuddly, relentlessly independent, intelligent fur-baby left this physical operating system to upgrade to to cloud computing yesterday. She was facing a very uncomfortable future that I couldn’t bear to put her through, and I miss her terribly already. She migrated peacefully, surrounded by loved ones, favorite toys, her adored bed and the blue comforter that she always insisted on pulling off my bed to sleep on when I wasn’t around. In blurringly reverse order: she got to systematically olfactory-inventory (“categorize by sniffing”) most of Logan Square, and even bookmark interesting bits (by peeing on said interesting bits); innovatively coerce treats from her grandma; enjoy exclusive innovative house / techno after-parties and impromptu electronic music jam sessions; play tug-of-war with and receive beef jerky from many … Read More

Ode to Sniffles, The Frost-Breathing Dragon

Ode to Sniffles by Liz Revision on Mixcloud Liz Revision:“Ode To Sniffles” [DOWNLOAD MP3] Download the PDF of Sniffles to cut out and assemble. 1. Altered Tensions “Slow in Ashes” The Answer to the Question You Forgot to Ask [Self] 2. Diarmo “Details” Robohustlin [subVariant] 3. s.t. “Emotions in a Box” Emotions in a Box [Monotonik] 4. Elijah B. Torn “oooEight” Robohustlin [subVariant] 5. Kettel “Boekebaas” Myam James 2 [Sending Orbs] 6. Fourtet “Sings (Extended)” There is Love in You [Domino] 7. Quantazelle “Polychromatic Tomatoes v.1” Unreleased 8. Deetron “Collide” Collide [Green] 9. Marc Romboy vs. Stephan Bodzin “Atlas” 6 Monde [Systematic] 10. Nick Curly “Kalimba” Critical Mass EP [Murmur] 11. Peaches “Lose You (Brodinski & Yuksek Remix)” Lose You [XL Recordings]

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