I'm in ur [house | senate | macaronis]

I found these funny takes on the “im in ur [noun] [verb]ing your [noun]” meme over at boingboing after the election. Then I clicked a few links found the following, and laughed for about five minutes straight. Then I came back to it a few hours later and laughed some more. Hilarious. technorati tags:internet,geek,politics,election,im_in_ur, lol, humor Blogged with Flock

Portraits created while gaming

This portrait of pure evil was created by photographer Phillip Toledano who created a portrait series featuring seven models in high key, chiaroscuro-esque lighting while they played video games. He doesn’t mention the game titles or platforms used, but it’s for the better, as these hilarious adrenaline-filled portraits are a fascinating glimpse into the agressive extremes of the models’ personalities.

Laptop Musician T-Shirts

Via Musicthing: For the grumpy electronic musician… Fractalspin’s ‘No, I am not checking my email, retard’ t-shirt. For grumpy DJs, they also do ‘This DJ takes requests’ and who could live without ‘I am totally incrementing this value with all my might’? Being a laptop musician myself, I can attest to the need for these t-shirts. At smaller shows where the DJ booth is on the floor of the venue, or in a small club where the DJ is out in the open, it would be not unusual to have people (usually men) coming up to me, thinking that they’re clever and asking me if I’m checking my email. I would like to respond “Wow, that’s about the 100th time I’ve heard that same non-funny joke this month!” … Read More

SMS (Text-Messaging) Shorthand for Geeks Using Server Response Codes

Instead of awkwardly typing on your phone’s keypad something to the extent of “cant find yr house” or “theyre charging a cover here at this venue,” try using server response codes! 200 = OK The client’s request was successful, and the server’s response contains the requested data. [FRIEND] hows the sushi ovr there? [YOU] 200 or [FRIEND] is it cool if i come over after work w/ a 6pack? [YOU] 200 202 = Accepted The request was accepted but not immediately acted upon. More information about the transaction may be given in the entity body of the server’s response. There is no guarantee that the server will actually honor the request, even though it may seem like a legitimate request at the time of acceptance. [FRIEND] come to … Read More

DJ Request Policy T-Shirt

So you’re at the cool trendy club on a Thursday mixing in the sweet new white label your pal the label owner just handed you, when suddenly there’s an incessant tapping on your left shoulder. You look up and it’s a post-sorority, club-hopping, fashion-clueless Trixie grinning excitedly. “Can you play (retarded over-marketed pop song) by (retarded over-marketed pop sensation)!?” she says to you in that half-question / half-command tone. All you need do is point to your shirt. Assuming you’ve moved the button to the second box and Ms. Requestor is literate, she’ll glance down, force a polite grin of disgust and breeze off in a huff. Good work! So a few hours later you find yourself at a grungily cool loft on the outskirts of town, the … Read More