A subtle way to present music criticism: the "Your Beats Are Weak T-Shirt"

Let’s face it–although the internet has broadened all of our musical horizons, it’s also enabled widespread distribution of really, really bad music. Just wear this shirt and let your opinions be heard. I’m thinking this would be make a hilarious photo: just wear this t-shirt out to any club night with a DJ (who you, um, don’t particularly care for), and then bring a friend along to take pictures of you standing in front of him or her, watching attentively. Post said photos to the internet and then make sure your home address is hidden carefully from public view. read more | digg story

Laptop Musician T-Shirts

Via Musicthing: For the grumpy electronic musician… Fractalspin’s ‘No, I am not checking my email, retard’ t-shirt. For grumpy DJs, they also do ‘This DJ takes requests’ and who could live without ‘I am totally incrementing this value with all my might’? Being a laptop musician myself, I can attest to the need for these t-shirts. At smaller shows where the DJ booth is on the floor of the venue, or in a small club where the DJ is out in the open, it would be not unusual to have people (usually men) coming up to me, thinking that they’re clever and asking me if I’m checking my email. I would like to respond “Wow, that’s about the 100th time I’ve heard that same non-funny joke this month!” … Read More

The Knife: "Heartbeats" and its remixes

Reading the lastest issue of XLR8R over a hurried solo dinner tonight, I scanned the editor’s column that fawned over a recent single by The Knife of Sweden, who graced the cover in black, Salieri-in-Amadeus-masquerade-party-style raven masks. I did a quick google when I got back to the office and stumbled upon the YouTube video of “Heartbeats” (screenshot at top), and it immediately struck a note of recognition: a remix by the excellent Rex the Dog was on the Switch 7, Disc 1 compilation, that caught my ear previously. So here’s the video–a decidedly languid original (as compared to Rex’s version) that uses found footage of barefooted 60s-era California skateboarding kids slaloming down a hill (barefoot–ouch!), interspersed with rudimentarily-animated silouetted crows and a chugging choo-choo poofing out goofy … Read More

God is a DJ video

This is an short video portraying God as a DJ who controls the outcome of a scene by mixing records. Kind of wish the music were less “cinematic” (it’s mainly an orchestral string-based composition turning into generic ad-house background music) and more dj-battle / breakdance / technical, but it’s fun anyway! read more | digg story [tag]dj, video, funny[/tag]

Gameboy Music Rockstars Destroy Chicago

“The machines are small, the sound is gigantic, the scope is worldwide, the advance is unstoppable. Prepare your defenses.” That was the warning delivered to Chicagoans before 2 musicians armed only with Gameboys and a slew of high-energy, beat-heavy, unresistably-catchy chiptunes landed in the city. Includes pictures and links to videos and MP3s. read more | digg story

Valentine's Day party @ Heaven Gallery 02/11/06

This was the scene at around 3am at Heaven Gallery on February 12 during Logan Bay’s set. It was pretty wild in case it’s not obvious from the photo. First up was The Machinist, then Lord of the Yum Yum, followed by myself (as Quantazelle) and Logan Bay ended the night. The night and the gallery opening were reviewed on Mediatron. Here’s my setlist: QUANTAZELLE: “Sewtend” Beets. Self released QUANTAZELLE: “Pedwards” Coaster. Subvariant. QUANTAZELLE: “Clue Minus You” Coaster. Subvariant. APHEX TWIN: “Windowlicker (Kriece Remix)” James Zabiela: Utilities. HOMBRE OJO: “Manejando Un Carrito Rapidito Por Santiaguito” VA: Superlongevity 2. Perlon. PHEEK: “Le Plan B” VA: Minimize to Maximize. Minus. AUDION: “Rubber” Audion. Spectral. CLAUDE VON STROKE: “Deep Throat” Deep Throat. Dirtybird. LUSINE: “Sunset.” Inside Out. Ghostly International. QUANTAZELLE: “Stereofoam … Read More

DJ Set at Subvaritrax Release Party @ Sonotheque 10/25/05

Here’s my DJ set for the Subvaritrax Release Party at Sonotheque: JOHN HUGHES: “Got Me Lost / Driving In la (Telefon Tel Aviv Remix)” Immediate Action. Hefty. LACKLUSTER: “Touches” Slice. U-Cover. SUBTRACTIVE LAD: “Fixing a Shadow” Giving Up the Ghost. N5MD. SUBTRACTIVE LAD: “The Natural Whirled” Giving Up the Ghost. N5MD. INFINITE SCALE: “Ghost” Sound Sensor. Toytronic. INFINITE SCALE: “Fade” Sound Sensor. Toytronic. INFINITE SCALE: “In Motion” Sound Sensor. Toytronic. INFINITE SCALE: “Pirkel” Sound Sensor. Toytronic. PHYLUM SINTER: “Monastic Phase” Subvaritrax. Subvariant. MARSHALL WATSON: “Fall without Change” Subvaritrax. Subvariant. QUANTAZELLE: “Late Blazing Kinch Theme” Subvaritrax. Subvariant. R_GARCIA: “Honkeywrench” Subvaritrax. Subvariant. POPKAN: “Broken Lighter” Subvaritrax. Subvariant. KERO: “Shuf1” DEREK MICHAEL: “Similak Jiggles” Subvaritrax. Subvariant. QUANTAZELLE: “Braking (Hushed)” Subvaritrax. Subvariant. ZAINETICA: “Bytesize” Subvaritrax. Subvariant. SENSE: “Gift” TIM KOCH: “Minor Rendered” … Read More