Glitching out Ableton Live

Here’s a quick how-to by Gustavo Bravetti on making IDM-like patterns in Abelton Live. It makes me want to sit down and play with Live some more than I have.

Life at the NAMM show

The National Association of Music Merchants holds an expo / trade show called the NAMM Show, that I helped cover for Create Digital Music. Apparently it’s the largest music products trade show in the entire United States. Judging from the traffic outside the convention center and the number of chain hotels in the area it makes sense. This funny poster we found posted outside the entrance is completely ironic–Anaheim is just someone with a Photoshop clone brush and a JPG of a strip mall. That being said, NAMM itself was pretty cool. Here’s Peter Kirn and I’s overview: The NAMM Win and Fail lists.

CDM Unofficial NAMM Afterparty

CDMUnofficial NAMM Afterparty * With our friends TRASH_AUDIO ( and RICHARD DEVINE The Deep Element Justin McGrath Liz Revision (Quantazelle) Moldover dj halon (Fake Science, False Profit) Visuals: Image8nineteen (Mat Hale) Momo the Monster Peter Kirn Handmade Music + Motion: * Bring your own DIY music or motion creations and other hardware toys and geek out with an international crowd of hipster-nerdsters! All projects welcome (space first come, first served — think small, bring portable speakers if you can) * Put together free kits to make your own ribbon controllers without soldering * Learn how Bryant Davis Place (future-tense-cpu) built his own DIY VJ sequencer for M8 using the Lemur multi-touch controller. * Learn about the wonders of wireless MIDI sync in AV Performance with … Read More