Modeselektor: Interview on working with a visualist, Show in Chicago tonight

Here’s a brief interview with Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary, the musicians behind Modeselektor, along with their touring visualist, who extrapolate on how they work together in a live environment. Considering as the musician half use Max / MSP with a custom patch by Apparat, one would suspect that their audio / video interaction might involve something equally complex, along the lines of Jitter or whatnot, but that appears not to be the case. An interesting bit of trivia comes from the divulgence that Modeselektor was the result of a veritable German alt-tronica DIY endurance match, where the last men standing in a collective of audio and visual producers teamed up to form the current lineup. Modeselektor plays tonight in Chicago at Sonotheque, a venue that might not … Read More

Geek Chic Back to School "Dos and Don'ts"

Here’s a guide with some geek fashion tips from Fractalspin: Back to School Dos and Don’ts Back to School DON’Ts 1. Capacitor Barrette on Etsy Eek! Ok, it’s definitely cool to wear capacitors as a decorative element, but only if they actually are decorative–not hideous like this poor excuse for embellishment. 2. Totoro Plush Hat Unless you are under the age of 18 months you have no business pretending to a giant furry anime critter. Sorry “Furrys,” Sorry. 3. Fuze Necklace The only things you’re going to attract wearing tacky light-up jewelry are clueless teenage candy ravers stuck in the mid-nineties and that’s going to be awkward, or the unwanted attentions of a lightning bug which could be awkward too. 4. GEEK Silicone Bracelet Wearing a bracelet that … Read More

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RA: Resident Advisor Podcast (tags: podcast techno free download downloads archive mp3) Calorie Calculator – Daily Caloric Needs (tags: useful tools tool food health fitness exercise nutrition weight)

Digg meetup tomorrow at SmartBar

Digg Meetup NYC – June 4, 2008 from Digg Meetups on Vimeo If you’re as addicted to Digg as I am and you’re in Chicago they’re throwing a meetup at Smartbar tomorrow. Hopefully it won’t be anything like the Fark party which was a dorky sausagefest with dorky sauced Farkers. Well, I guess the nametags and stickers were pretty funny… Smart Bar Digg Meetup Chicago 6pm – 10pm 3730 N Clark St Chicago, IL 60613

Photos and videos from Mutek 2008

Le Club 1906, Friday May 30 Le Club 1906, Saturday May 31 – Sunday June 01 ft. Sammy Dee Sammy Dee DJing Sammy Dee DJing Sammy Dee DJing

10 Sad DIY Geek Gifts You Should Never Buy

While Etsy does have its charms, when things go ugly, they go very ugly. All of these are truly hideous things that have never taken physical form, and will only dissapoint and anger the recipient. Observe:

Friendly Integration v.10 in Detroit

[kml_flashembed movie=”” height=”610″ width=”400″ /] Saturday May 24th ‘FRIENDLY INTEGRATION V.10’ Location: The Works Detroit – 1846 Michigan Ave, Detroit MI Cost: $15 Presales until May 23rd – Door: $15 before 11pm, $20 thereafter Artists: Phoenecia – Miami, USA (Schematic, Warp), Christian Wunsch – Madrid, Spain (Tsunami, Planet Rythm), Richard Devine – Atlanta, USA (Schematic, Detund), Museum – Amsterdam, NL(Drumcode, Dinner), Mark Verbos – NYC, USA (Simple Answer, Drop Bass), Loetech – Toronto, Canada (Lo Dubs, Dubplatelet, Subtrac), Derek Michael – Los Angeles, USA (Detund), Drumcell – Los Angeles, USA (Droid, Native Instruments), Tom Newman aka Acidpimp – Detroit, USA (D-Records, Friction Detroit), Acid Circus – Los Angeles, USA (Droid), Jerry Abstract – Seattle, USA (Shitkatapult, Detund), Ian Hind – Windsor, Canada (Detund, Whitelabel),DBIT – Detroit, USA (Detund, … Read More