Overheard in Chicago


Following the concept of reality-is-hilarious-and-surreal behind overheardinnewyork.com (to which I’ve contributed my own eavesdropping hilarity) we find the Ch.ill version appropriately named Overheard in Chicago. Some gems:

Homeless Guy: “If I’m the auto dudes, I’m going to Congress and askin’ for 50 trillion dollars. You gotta start ‘um high and work ‘um down. Business basics, man. That’s why they failin’.”

– Wacker and Jackson

Guy: (on cell) “How much? For a freaking window? It’s a car! Are you crazy? I might as well put bricks in where the window was! Screw seeing! At least they won’t be able to break it again!”

– Oakton and Skokie Boulevard, Skokie

Good times.