DJ Set from the Demo Swap at Sonotheque [1/2]

I DJed at the end of the night after spending all of the rest of the time schmoozing. It’s missing a track since my laptop crashed when I unplugged it at the end and it didn’t save the playlist. Here’s some photos from the night and a more in-depth recap will follow soon.

Demo Swap DJ Set [1/2] 190 VBR MP3

1. Plaid: “Zeal” Plaid - Spokes - Zeal
2. Test shot starfish: “Sort of” Test Shot Starfish - Test Shot Starfish - Sort Of
3. Jeff Mills: “The Bells” Jeff Mills - Blue Potential - The Bells
4. LCD Soundsystem: “Someone Great” LCD Soundsystem - Sound of Silver - Someone Great
5. ??
6. Akufen: “Wet Floors”
7. Akufen: “Heaven Can Wait”

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