RECOMMENDED: [10.23-25.09] Tour Smart Plus 3 workshop / seminar

3 day seminar led by D.I.Y. guru and Invisible Records CEO Martin Atkins to revolutionize the way you think about the business of your art



West coast electronic artist Moldover will lead a special workshop on electronics and demonstrate the essence of putting your DNA in your work.

“With Komega and Moldover watching over the crowd like proud fathers, you really get the sense that we are at the start of something big.”

Greg Kot, Chicago Tribune Since 1990, Kot has been the music critic at the Chicago Tribune, where he has comprehensively covered popular music — from hip-hop to rock en espanol — and reported on music-related social, political and business issues (see his daily blog, Turn it Up, at the
Paul Natkin, photograher Probably best known for his work with the Rolling Stones (he served as their personal photographer while on tour, including the Bridges to Babylon tour), Paul Natkin stands as one of the country’s premier rock ‘n’ roll photographers. With subjects ranging from the Artist Formerly Known as Prince to Bruce Springsteen to Frank Sinatra (he claims that if you name an artist, he’s photographed them), Natkin has been active in the Chicago music community since 1996 building Chicago Harmony and Trust, a musician’s networking group.
For more information, visit their website:
Leah Jones, social media coach

Leah is the founder of Natiiv Arts & Media where she is a social media coach for artists, writers and musicians. Leah focuses on teaching

individuals and groups the skills they need to be successful at online marketing and personal branding. She believes it is up to the artist, and not the label, to build relationships and manage their online persona.  More info at:

One Eyed Doll, Austin TX

“One eyed doll is captivating, wild, and never predictable, the way indie rock should be.” – Celine, Sentimentalist Magazine

One-Eyed Doll is the Austin, Texas based rock and roll band led by guitarist and singer Kimberly Freeman.

Freeman’s wild stage antics, theatrical presentation, tough guitar chops and acrobatic moves have earned her unprecedented recognition in the world’s live music capital. Several National tours have imprinted the group’s mark on the United States and Central America. Plans for International tours this season will bring One-Eyed Doll to Europe, The Far East, Canada and more.

The group is backed by bassist PJ Evans: AKA “NUMBER THREE” and drummer Jason Rufuss Sewell, AKA “NUMBER THREE JUNIOR”.

Listen to tracks here

The Brothers Sass

Brothers Cameron and Chandler have been playing guitar for more than half their lives. Cameron(13) started playing gutiar at age 4 as did Chandler(10). Within 6 months of starting lessons, Cameron was already reading music and progressing faster than anyone would hope. At age 5 Cameron opened a Taylor Guitar Workshop for Mike Kneally and got a great response. The next few years were spent soaking up all the music theory that he could handle. At age 10 he entered the Chicago Loop’s (97.9) “Loop kids that Rock” contest and won. At age 11 he attended his 1st NAMM convention in Anaheim,Ca with his sponsor, Scratchpad USA. There he got to meet his guitar idols: Steve Vai, Mark Tremonti, and Joe Satriani. It was an eye-opening experience for Cameron. Soon after, Cameron started composing his own music. When he realized Chandler (who was 9 at the time) could play all the rhythm parts the was thrown at him, a whole new world opened for Cameron and The Brother’s Sass was born. Chandler has developed into a phenomenal rhythm guitar player and has also developed an interest in playing Bass. You’ll probably be hearing him on Bass leads very soon, as they are alway composing new music. Currently The Brothers Sass have locked in some of the biggest names for endorsements, Paul Reed Smith, DBZ Guitars, Kahler Bridges,BOTA Studio, Scratchpad, US Music. Look for the boys performing at local seminars and colleges across the country until the end of the year and a special showcase at Winter NAMM 2010.


Before you lose your ass, your mind, your relationship, your car, the reason you started this in the first place, and thousands and thousands of dollars, why not invest $299 on a unique two day immersion seminar with people who have been there, done that, are still doing it, and are teaching it!!

Join us for an intense two-day immersion workshop at revolution number three.  The weekend crash course will be led by DIY guru Martin Atkins (PiL, Pigface, Nine Inch Nails) and many more.  You will meet and learn from other music industry professionals and entrepreneurs who embrace the DIY ethic.

The weekend revolution is designed to make a concrete difference in your world, give you additional skills, and most importantly, change the way you think about your business. There will be tons of FREE Red Bull and two meals provided on Saturday and Sunday.

Here’s what some of August attendees said:

“Martin Fucking Atkins has put a fire under my ass that he himself wouldn’t want to stand behind” – Travis Jurs, Art of the Flesh

“I don’t know how to describe the latest offering, Tour:Smart PLUS, it is essentially a four year long educational course crammed into one 48-hour whirlwind weekend.” – Lee Jarvis

“The infectious and hospitable energy of the r3 staff was the icing on the cake of this experience” – Ashlee Johnson, Chicago Music Project

“Awesome!” – Julie Brewer, Luna Travelnet

“This seriously changed my life.”

“r3 is a collective of industry pros and music lovers who really go above and beyond to equip you to take on the world as an artist.” – Austin Collins

For more great info about the last session read Lee Jarvi’s blog!

Watch this for more info!!

Who should attend:

sbands smanagers smusic bloggers spublicists sartists sentrepreneurs sstudents scommunity organizers sproducers sengineers smixerssgame developers

After Tour:Smart PLUS! you will be able to:

  • screen print your own merchandise and promo material
  • design simple graphics (logos, t-shirts, and postcards)
  • write a bio other people will want to read
  • engage your online community in tangible ways
  • use audio and visual tools to market yourself and your stuff
  • circuit bend and hack xboxes