Cindy Sherman's photograph is now the most expensive photo ever. And I did an homage to it.

Like Ms. Sherman, my creative process involves being alone, thinking, devising, mentally-sketching, tweaking, re-tweaking, re-thinking; sharing for feedback, and then re-tweaking some more. It’s emblematic of the contemporary, technology-enabled artist, in a way. Creative types have so many resources available: so many mediums to muck around in, so many visual sandboxes (like Adobe CSx–Photoshop, Illustrator, Premier); audio playgrounds (like Reaktor, Ableton, FL Studio) and platforms for interdisciplinary / cross-medium work (like Max/MSP, etc). … When I applied to art colleges, I was so disheartened by the rampant insistence that I choose a medium. I didn’t like the feeling of being forced to create within an established “language” (medium) that could be critically evaluated (by critics who specialized in media). Then I found California Institute of the Arts, was … Read More

Avant_MUTEK Chicago April 21-23, 2011

Chicago gets a taste of the Montreal-based digital art and electronic music festival that showcases innovation in music and creativity on April 21-23 with Avant_Mutek: Chicago. Founded in 2000, Mutek is an international festival organization dedicated to the promotion of electronic music and the digital arts. Its main event is an annual five-day event in Montreal, Canada that takes place in late May and early June. Many of electronic music’s most established figures have performed, as well as numerous new artists who have gone on to build sustainable careers. Along with performances, the festival also features workshops relating to gear and software showcases, and panel discussions concerning the issues that face electronic music and music production. Read more and see the full lineup.

[TH 8.19.10] Open Channel 3: Electronic Open Mic

Sort of like it’s analog cousin, Open Channel is an non-curated musician’s showcase in a supportive, relaxed environment, except it showcases electronic music, either through DJing or Live PAs. You will get 20 minutes to show off what you do musically, and then listen to other people doing the same thing. There are 12 slots open. The first 12 people who RSVP and pay will be guaranteed a slot. Playing order will be determined on t…he date of the performance.You are also absolutely welcome to bring friends, or just come as a spectator! There is a suggested donation of $5.

ESKAMON: "Fine Objects" – Ableton Tutorial by ill.Gates

ESKAMON: “Fine Objects” – Ableton Tutorial by ill.Gates from ESKMO on Vimeo. To Download the free Ableton Live Pack for ESKAMON: “Fine Objects”, visit Video tutorial shown here by ESKAMON is the new collaboration project between Amon Tobin (Ninja Tune) & Eskmo (Warp, Planet Mu, Ancestor). “Fine Objects” is the first single by the duo that’s set for release on Eskmo’s own imprint “Ancestor.” “Fine Objects” is the result of the pair’s unique take on sonic exploration and the manipulation of field recordings. From the onset, the two went out with a recorder, gathering sounds from around the house, yard and studio. Material recorded out of the studio included sounds from a parking garage elevator, a broken harp and the droning tones from a discarded piano. These were … Read More

Yo, 2009, I'm real happy for you and Imma let you finish…

…but 2010 will be the best year of all time! OF ALL TIME!! Yes, Kanye, your jackassery made for a pretty awesome internet meme. Here’s some of the best things about 2009. Oh yeah, and we put everything 20% off at Fractalspin, but only for the next 3 days. Happy New Year! 6. Kanye will let you finish, but…Lulz were had quite a bit this year, and countless photoshops made of Kanye upstaging Taylor Swift at the Video Music Awards. Here’s some of our favorites, and a larger archive. 5. Terrence Parker’s “Tribute to Michael Jackson”While we are sorry to have lost MJ this year, we love DJ Terrence Parker, aka TP’s, funky, soulful, housey tribute. 4. Christian Bale takes David to the Dentist Oh boy–two internet memes … Read More