The Granular Synthesis of Curtis Roads

Watch Motherboard – The Granular Synthesis of Curtis Roads This is a pretty amazing video. Granular Synthesis I can wrap my head around (imagine a more complex version of additive synthesis, but on a micro-scale), but what really amazes me is Curtis Roads was doing it in 1975 on a mainframe with punchcards. You heard me. How much more nerdcred does this guy need? Ok, lemme back up for a minute. I am, actually, old enough to know what punchcards are (but, keep in mind I was like 5 years old and hanging out at my mom’s company to learn about them). Back in the day (and my intro to computer science teacher in college was amazing because he explained this to us and made us basically write … Read More

Benn Jordan creates an alternative score for "The Living Planet" in front of a live audience

Here’s an article I wrote for CDM about Benn Jordan who’s live-scoring said TV show at Sonotheque tomorrow (May 5). Commercial music producer Benn Jordan (recording as The Flashbulb) stumbled upon David Attenborough’s 1984 documentary series that was, in the creator’s words, “more in touch with nature than any other.” Along with the BBC he and his crew geared up for the endeavor–and they would risk their lives and careers to do so. The result, a TV series called “The Living Planet.”…Benn loved the concept and the film, but said, “the only thing I’m not in love with about this series is the music. A bit too minimal and synthy when perhaps a more cinematic approach is needed.” Taking it upon himself to re-invision the soundtrack, Benn–along with … Read More

Practice your superhero skills with parkour & freerunning

Should you ever need to run from French gangsters, having a handle on parkour will definitely help you escape intact. Essentially the practice involves moving from point A to point B in the most efficient manner possible, hurling yourself under, over and around obstacles. Here’s the first part of a parkour documentary by a traceur (practitioner. “traceuse” is the feminine.): The rest are here. A more acrobatic version that’s less rigorously martial-arts-like in its approach is freerunning. Here’s one that appears to be filmed in Marseilles: