“Pump Up the Volume” Documentary on how Chicago House Changed the World

Yes, it’s by the BBC and they really go on about UK Garage at the end, but there are some real gems of insights and great interviews here. Set aside a few hours, even if you think you know the history of Chicago House. This one is really well done. If you prefer books, check out “Last Night a DJ Saved My Life: A History of the Disc Jockey”. Buy four and give them away to your friends that love electronic music but need schooling on where it came from.

Call for submissions to a Chicago electronic music compilation

subVariant is planning to release a free-to-download collection called Frequencity featuring quality songs from regional musicians. All electronic music genres are welcome. subVariant will also release an original t-shirt design in the theme of “Chicago Electronic Music” when the compilation is officially released. Ready to submit? Read more and do it now! The deadline for submissions is Thursday, June 2, 2011 at 8pm.

Come 2gether, A Rave Revival ft. Dubtribe

Check out this retro-rave party at Green Dolphin Street this Friday. There are some big names on here that made an impact in the underground electronic music scene in the early 1990s. For us old-schoolers it will be a blissful trip back in time, and for the new-school kids who are just discovering this kind of music it will be enlightening. Tell your friends to get their rave on! See you there. Come 2gether, A Rave Revival ft. Dubtribe * When:Fri 2/26 – Sat 2/27 (10PM) * Where: Green Dolphin Street * Address: 2200 N Ashland Ave Chicago, IL Map * Cost: 10 Friday February 26th – 8 Superstars Spread The Love – VBNTS, Mushgroove, Swing Swift and Relode present Come Together – A Rave Revival Dubtribe Sound … Read More