ATOM^TM on Saturday in Chicago, an odd new mix & paper toys!

Hi there! It’s been a minute since I popped up in your inbox, but you should be aware of some cool things. First off, this Saturday in Chicago, ATOM (Senor Coconut) and Tobias are playing to launch a new “electronic music education initiative and creativity cultivator” called Electronic Sound + Art Chicago (ESAC). The idea is to highlight interesting artists and bring a refreshingly sincere take on an increasingly scenester-and-PR-driven musical landscape.

ESAC’s opening choice of acts exemplifies their mentality. If you look at ATOM aka Uwe Schmidt’s discography, he constantly innovates, switches genres, collaborates, but he’s insanely talented and does it all extremely well. His early project, Atom Heart featured ambient / acid-tinged and atmospheric deep techno, and then he moves to Chile and decides to fuse an extremely German and dispassionate electronic act, Kraftwerk, with the sexy, soulful Latino music he’d immersed himself into, resulting in Senor Coconut. Hilarious and brilliant. More on Saturday is here.

OK, and the other bits of interesting things while I have you on the line… I’ve made a new paper toy called Sniffles the Frost Breathing Dragon that you can download, print and assemble, As Quantazelle I’ve contributed a classroom project and new interview for the second edition of The Digital Musician. Finally, I just DJed a wedding as a favor for some very cool friends who gave me pretty free reign, so I got to play some dance-rock, nu disco, funk, and stuff I haven’t usually played at gigs, which you can hear on Mixcloud.

Alrighty! Hope you’re well. I’m going to continue my Star Trek TNG marathon and zzz. Cheers!

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