Synth ties from Cyberoptix

Ties and Father’s Day seem to be intrinsically connected, but why settle for getting dad a fugly one that matches all the other fugly ones he owns? Help his style quotient increase and get him one of these super trendy designer ties from Cyberoptix, a Detroit-based design studio who makes some really wicked ties. These over here are based on the Synth-E, one of the very first portable synthesizers that fit in a suitcase and was battery powered, forging the way for the modern laptop musicians of today. It’d be a perfect gift for an electronic musician, or a retro-synth enthusiast. They come in a staggering array of color combinations, and you can choose from either a synthetic microfiber or silk. And, if you’ll notice, the favicon for … Read More

Awesome cell phone modding

Mehmet Erkök, industrial design lecturer at Ä°stanbul Teknik has designed interesting cell phone modifcations by removing parts of the case and inserting clear plastic elsewhere. On the one hand they look either half-finished or dismantled / broken, but the clear plastic makes them look like industrial manufacturing equipment. Very cool–I’d love to see more people take on this sort of extreme modding that looks as good as this does.