Gnerdy Jewelry: Wear your favorite technology from your ears

floppy_earrings-ugh.jpgGnerdy Jewelry (pronouced “nerdy jewelry”) brings us a line of earrings made from technological fetishes including obsolete computer media and mobile electronics. Take, for instance, floppy disks. While wearing actual floppy disks as earrings would be neat in concept, it’s actually really tacky in execution (see photo at left), especially hanging from the ears say, of anyone over the age of five.

Fear not, there is a more tasteful way to wear those floppies and not get a citation from the Fashion Police: cast-in-sterling Floppy Disk earrings ($40) from Fractalspin. Not only do they get a stylish upgrade by being cast in a precious metal and scaled significantly smaller, they come with the thoughtful addition of clear stoppers to prevent them from accidentally slipping out of your ear (and how many of us haven’t been crushed to discover only a single earring remaining at the end of a night on the town?).

Another made-obsolete-by-technological-progress icon that gets the jewelry treatment is calculators, in the form of Silver Calculator Earrings ($30). Kraftwerk expressed their love for the mathematical gadget that replaced the slide rule in “Pocket Calculator”, and now you can express your admiration in the same way but through your adornments. In an especially math-club touch, the display of each of the calculators shows the first few digits of pi (3.14159).

And the device that’s responsible for the downfall of the pocket calculator is likely the modern cell phone. Since most phones these days incorporate a calculator application, there’s no need to stash a mini calculator in your purse or bag for those restaurant-check-division emergencies. Celebrate the advancement of communication technology by wearing these super-miniature Cell Phone Earrings ($45). While these are far smaller than the tiniest cellphones on the mass market, and quite close to your eardrums, the only thing they share with their functioning cousins is that they open and close like a real flip phone. And they’ll even stay in whatever position you set them in so you can wear them both open, closed, or in totally different positions, and they’ll set you back far less than buying two iPhones.

While the cell phone earrings are quite tiny, they’re still visible to the naked eye, unlike many of the micro-elements studied in the sciences, like examining the solder joints on a circuit board, studying the functions of neurons, and watching the cell-replication of aquatic specimens. And if your daily grind involves happily doing any of those things, you might as well express your ingrained love of science with Microscope Earrings ($22).