Ibiza Ride Black Leather Cuff & #000000 Tie (Black Tie)

Ibiza Ride Leather Cuff - Black

<< Ibiza Ride Leather Cuff – Black
This totally sexy and nerdy version of the original Ibiza Ride watch is totally futuristicly nerdy with a rock star edge. The staff here are fighting over these guys! It features a super wide black leather cuff with an innovative buckle system, and the same dial as it’s older brother, that oh-so-popular kid:  Ibiza Ride LED watch.

#000000 Tie (Black Tie)

>> #000000 Tie (Black Tie)
This will undoubtedly be your best bet for all black tie affairs. Printed with a large “#000000? –hexadecimal code for the color black, sure to make all graphic designers and web developers giggle.