[SAT Jun. 20] Artificial Intelligence 1: Excepion AM Release Party FREE

exeption flyer

exeption flyer

Hangovers are the annoying, productivity-inhibiting result of a night spent drinking quite a bit, and yet we still put up with them because it’s fun to loosen up, be social, and dance. Sure, it’s easy to pop some aspirin, rehydrate and muddle through the morning, but wouldn’t it be cool if music could relieve your hangover?

That’s the concept behind Exception AM, a free digital compilation from subVariant that aims to present a collection of electronic music to help you feel better in the morning after a night of drinking. To celebrate the release on June 20, the release party will be held at Ai lounge in River North as the first in a series of concept parties called “Artificial Intelligence.” Liz Revision will mix the mostly-ambient and downtempo tracks from the compilation together at the beginning of the night and will then hand over the decks to local DJs Silentcorp, Andrew Kevins, Dirtybird, and Droopy to finish out the night with techno and house. The party will be free all night from 10pm-3am.

subVariant’s Artificial Intelligence showcase is a series of concept parties that aim to merge art, design, humor, and fun into a dance music scene that often takes itself too seriously, while still maintaining the high level of musical quality and experimentation the company is known for and continuing to support the local electronic music community.

subVariant presents “Artificial Intelligence 1: Exception AM Release Party”
Silentcorp DJs
Andrew Kevins
Liz Revision
Ai Lounge. 358 W. Ontario, Chicago IL. 21+