Punchcards: Blank greeting cards made from vintage computer punch cards

Greeting cards are in full circulation during the holiday season, and I had been thinking a while about something that would be geeky and retro, so I went searching for old-school punch cards. A punched card (also known by various synonyms) is a piece of stiff paper that contains digital information represented by the presence or absence of holes in predefined positions. Now almost an obsolete recording medium, punched cards were widely used throughout the 19th century for controlling textile looms and in the late 19th and early 20th century for operating fairground organs and related instruments. They were used through the 20th century in unit record machines for input, processing, and data storage. Early digital computers used punched cards, often prepared using keypunch machines, as the primary … Read More

Internet Meme Halloween Costume Ideas

A few years ago I went as “Leave Britney Alone,” and before a LOLcat. Here’s a great resource for this year to play up your favorite internet meme and astound onlookers with your esteemed internerdiness: “Hallo-meme Costume Builder”

RIP Benoit Mandelbrot, Fractal Innovator

Benoit Mandelbrot, the creator of fractal geometry died at the age of 85 this week. Fractals are a visual representation of an equation that is self-similar and based on recursion, and just so happen to mimic an incredible array of natural processes and formations, from mountain ranges to coral reefs, and interestingly, as the above video explains, explains not only the way branches of a tree are differentiated but how trees in a forest differentiate themselves. Pretty hot. Mandelbrot Set featuring the song “Mandelbrot Set” by Jonathan Coulton Here is a zoomed Mandelbrot fractal set to a song aptly entitled “Mandelbrot Set.” Mr. Mandelbrot also did a lovely TED talk, which you can watch above. For the geek boutique I run, Fractalspin (namesake obvious), I designed a paper … Read More

Last.fm introduces gender plots

Last.fm introduced a beta feature that can compare artists, genres and tags on a gender – age plot. Interesting. http://blog.last.fm/2010/09/22/now-in-the-playground-gender-plots Here’s one that’s particularly interesting: Software, engineer, DJ, producer, and musician all skew male, while boyfriend, girl, email, outgoing, person, friends and love all skewed female. Thoughts? UPDATE: Here’s my plot compared among my friends.

Geek Chic Men's Fashion FAILs and WINs

Here’s an article I wrote for the Fractalspin blog that’s a “DOs and DON’Ts” for men’s geek fashion: “Geek Chic Men’s Fashion Fails and Wins” [via Fractalspin’s blog] Among the fails: LED belt buckles that visually scream GEEK; god-awful so-called “utilikilts;” NES Controller belt buckles; LED / electroluminescent t-shirts that either interact with sound or announce the presence of a WiFi signal by blinking / lighting up; bad haircuts; doing it wrong Among the wins: G-Star’s men’s line featuring a futuristic Poindexter nod with their signature crazy-stich detailing; “nerd glasses;” intentionally-tousled hair and deliberately disheveled, dressed-down suit ensembles on Doctor Who’s Tenth Doctor (David Tennant); microcontroller cufflinks; J.Lindeberg; cool ties; Converse All-Star So what do you think? Did I nail the WINs wholeheartedly or come down too hard … Read More

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